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Lana Del Rey to perform in Israel despite BDS pressure
Ami Friedman
Published: 20.08.18, 14:25
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1. You know what, it does go a bit on my nerves, that she feels
obliged to write this lengthy "clarification" of her stance& all.
"Fuck you Arab scum!", that's all one should feel the need to say (if one must)
2. "I see both sides"...
kalt ,   pittsburgh   (08.20.18)
Yeah I do too, on one side the land is lush and green and the people are free, on the other side, the land is arid and the people are murderous. Super difficult choice there.
3. That's right, Israel support is world-wide by good people.
Michael ,   California, USA   (08.20.18)
Good people everywhere identify with universal justice and Israeli right to exist.
4. Illuminati are Judeophilic.
NYNY   (08.20.18)
5. BDS represents honesty in this world
Noam Ben Davud ,   Tel Aviv   (08.20.18)
6. Entertainers and Performers
Tova   (08.21.18)
who support the BDS how foolish you are. Since you are ignorant of what the BDS movement is about It is simple to understand that a child of 5 would understand. GO to an Islamic country live there and see how quickly you will
no longer perform and wish to GOD that you can return to America.
7. Lana, hot as ever.
ironbutterfly   (08.21.18)
8. Not political but shes going to the Palestinians?
Please do not do us any favours !
10. Lana - do you the history of Israel
Tova   (09.16.18)
The Palenstinians in Gaza and the west banks are not indegenious to Israel.
They are descendants of Greek/Mecedonia empire. That have no claim to Israel. NO Arab people of nations recognizes them.

Zion refers to Jerusalem. Today too many Jews and gentiles alike are corrupting the true meaning of Zion. Zion has no political reference.
It is written in both the Torah and Gospels. When Liberals take words from the Bible and manipulate it use for political purposes it distorts the whole truth of Israel.

Israel is the only nation on earth that gives Arabs equal rights and access.
In arab countries Jews and Gentiles are not citizens. But when muslin migrants to western nations that are granted citizenship. Jews and Gentiles pay higher taxes as punishment for not converting to Islam.

So any Jewish or Gentile artist who decides to boycott Israel is actually boycotting themselves. Liberal Jews like Natalie Portman are condemning her own people and she doesn't even realize that she represents the Jews who condemning her people.

Any artist Jew or Gentile who boycotts are no different that those who seek the destruction of Israel.

Lana says she comes to Israel to perform. And then we will see who next will be targeted. Natalie Portman says she will not purchase any items by anti-Semitic designers. But isn't that what she her is.?
11. #5 'Honesty' my ass NO BDS represents Islamic terrorists
BBB   (09.20.18)
who'd rather die than seek peace. Please join them in hell.
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