Bolton: US not discussing recognition of Israel's Golan hold
Published: 22.08.18, 08:21
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1. Israel should stop asking for recognition
C   (08.22.18)
recognition is an over rated exercise.

the golan will remain under israel's sovereignty whatever other nations
think or desire.
2. With all Jihadis east of Israel,the Golan must be retained
Alan ,   SA   (08.22.18)
Remember there is a plan around to close Israel down by 2030s and invasion from the East is one of the ideas .. Hence Golan must remain in perpetuity. Anyway Golan was ceded to France by Britain in the infamous Sykes Picot agreement.
3. Enough is enough, when will the public eb able to witness an
Tehraniporou ,   Chutzpahland   (08.22.18)
orderly divorce for Shaked, to her financial advantage??? It is time to see shaked with a new dynamic PM image, that of the sexy liberated milf she is and the times that she would spend with... me getting acquainted with humour, class, with all modesty the perfect groom.. Tehraniporou… The downside is lack of commitment and exclusivity
4. Kims buddy, FATMAN Trump, will NEVER be on Israels side!!!!!
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (08.22.18)
5. recognition of Golan as permanent Israel would be great
Rafi ,   US   (08.22.18)
6. 4-Chris: you're too late; he already is!
solomon ,   NY   (10.13.18)
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