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Fatah leaders arm themselves ahead of Abbas's possible departure
Elior Levy
Published: 23.08.18, 10:17
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1. West Bank territory will be ruled by armed gangs
C   (08.23.18)
under this scenerio, the territory of the west bank will be ruled by old
fashioned mafiosi.
under these circumstances the very notion of a state or even autonomous
region will be dead on arrival.
it will be proven once and for all that the arabs are unable to rule
2. What a glorious opportunity for IDF to clean out Judea&
In any case "Palestinians" will be back full-time, at doing what they know best:
slaughter each other!
So funny indeed.
3. 5 steps to breaking out of the mire
Sammy ,   Newcastle   (08.23.18)
We must negotiate a permanent ceasefire in Gaza and focus on rebuilding

We must STOP dishing out all free blood money amounting to OVER $100m (some say $200m) each and every year that bleeding the Palestinian economy dry. With that money we create a Palestine National Sovereign Fund for the benefit of all

For Palestinians in the West Bank to finance Gaza to the tune of $2 billion each and every year they MUST have a say and representation in decision making in Gaza

Not withstanding Hamas/PA antagonism we MUST improve SOCIAL COHESION and UNITY, TRADE and INVESTMENT, MOVEMENT and CONNECTIVITY between Palestinians in West Bank and Gaza

We must look to realising the enormous potential of Gaza as CORE to a future united, contiguous, sovereign and viable Palestinian State alongside Israel within mutually secure borders

4. The rule of law or the rule of gang bangers?
BBB   (08.23.18)
Expel ALL Muslims from ALL of Israel.

5. No one to talk to
Baruch ,   Usa   (08.23.18)
These are the people that Israel is supposed to negotiate with, live next to, or adopt as citizens? No. No to the UN, no to Europe, no.
6. Decisions, decisions
Isaac Storm   (08.23.18)
Wonderful choices - violence or violence. If ever there was a reason to point to a failed Oslo Accords, it is this. Yes, it was a big mistake to bring in the PLO and in my view, should be kicked out.
7. Please: let the leftist idiots use "West bank", we call it
Judea & Samaria!
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