Survivors ask Zuckerberg to censor Holocaust denial on Facebook
Hagar Bohbot
Published: 23.08.18, 19:05
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1. Zuckerberg should be ashamed.
BBB   (08.23.18)
He has the brains the size of a gnat and no moral conscience.
Too bad he is a Jew without a soul.
2. Do they think that only the Jews can be harmed by this?
Jackieboy   (08.23.18)
It may not be the Jews at all, it may be other nations, or handicapped people. If the world forgets the Shoah, it will remember in pain.
3. Zuckerburg decides what fake news to allow and what to ban.
Seems as though he stands with the Nazis on this one. Meanwhile Asian, Jewish, and black conservatives are being harassed by Facebook for actual facts since it doesn't align with the Zuckerburg ideology.

So the same groups that supported, funded and offered to "help" Hilary for the elections are targeting her opponents running for congress. Google, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook.

meanwhile in reality they all allow groups like Fatah to encourage and even teach how to carry out terror attacks on their platforms.

Where is the moral outrage??
4. What can a puppet do?
NYNY   (08.24.18)
5. Whatever this guy's name is he is just a kid?
NYNY   (08.24.18)
Whoever this guy who calls himself Zuckerberg really is there is no evidence he is more than just a well connected actor?
6. Kaos is just a front the real business is in the laundry.
NYNY   (08.24.18)
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