Lieberman: I don't believe in an agreement with Hamas
Matan Tzuri
Published: 24.08.18, 14:12
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1. true,our goal is Israel's demise if her goal is our demis
Khalid Amayreh ,   Occupied Jerusalem   (08.24.18)
Remember 7 million Pals who will be 14 million on 30 years. Israel's demise is a matter of time. I would like to thank Gush Emunim for making our task easier.
2. so logical
if Hamas does not change its goal as part of the agreement, the agreement is not even worth the paper it is drafted on.
3. Cease fire with Hamas
Michael ,   seattle   (08.24.18)
Recognition is a two way street. If the Palestinians don't recognize the right of Israel to live in peace as a Jewish State we don't have to recognize their right to exist at all. They want recognition without giving it. The Palestinians believe they should have the right to declare war on Israel, kill Jews whenever they please, and suffer no adverse consequences. When they kill Jews they celebrate in the streets. When Israel retaliates they go crying to CNN about Israeli aggression. Jews should not have to die just so the Palestinians can feel better about themselves. If they want to define defeat and humiliation as their inability to kill Jews and destroy Israel as they please, that is up to them. There will be no peace unless and until they change that definition.
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