Israel's water sources rapidly drying up
Ahiya Raved, Shahar Hai
Published: 26.08.18, 23:52
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1. Politicians neglecting everybody. Get rid of them!
David ,   Hartford USA   (08.27.18)
As the idiots fight over whether road construction can take place on the day of least traffic, they neglect the 'small' fact that Israel is running out of water.

The Arab countries have, with their unending threats, forced Israel to maintain a huge standing army, with all the associated costs, instead of being able to make affordable water for everyone.

The entire Knesset should resign. They are worthless, self-important grifters, only looking out for themselves, not the entire country.

Well, I have to tell you, ladies and gentlemen of the Knesset, when the water taps run dry, no amount of posturing for the orthodox or the secular will spare you from the slings and arrows (literally) of the people.

I suggest Israel figure out how to make a very warm peace with Egypt and get some of the Nile water into some pumping stations. If Gaza runs out of potable water, they won't blame Hamas, they'll point at Israel.

Fix the water problem. As for the geniuses who talked about 'better forecasting,' I can tell you this right now about the forecast: long, hot dry summers with shorter rainy seasons for the next 50 years. Duh. Get used to it and work to survive it.

If Israel runs out of water, it'll be Jews attacking government installations, not terrorists.
2. We must have better weather forecasts: I want ones with RAIN
3. Someone please explain to me...
rom ,   israel   (08.27.18)
exactly how improving weather forecasts is going to ease the situation.
4. Israel Needs More Plants
Aryeh ,   Brooklyn   (08.28.18)
We need to fill the Kineret and replenish the aquifers. Israel gives water to the PA and Jordan yet doesn't have enough to cover its own population and agriculture. Planning is currently based on best-case scenario rather than the average or worst years. This must change or Israel will wake up in a crisis very soon.
5. Who will profit from more water in Israel?
Alexander Scheiner ,   ZY, Israel   (08.28.18)
Among the decision makers for new water plants, it is still not cleared who will get a fat commission and how much.

As soon as our politicians have split up among themseleves to skim of money, they will take a decision.

Is it still unknown to the Israeli voters, that without corruption nothing moves in our country? Namely with our rightist and harei politicians.
6. Only tiny part of Bigger Price to pay for zionist experiment
ironbutterfly   (08.31.18)
7. Why are we not building underground reservoirs
rom ,   israel   (08.31.18)
to contain the constantly occurring flash floods in the arava and elsewhere? Thousands of millions of liters of water could be conserved in this way. I've suggested this time and time again over the years but no one listens...
8. No surprises here!
Rich ,   Toronto   (09.02.18)
Israel cannot destroy it‘s own habitat with selfish capitalism and think that there will be a great future. When the resources run out, people are going to die. The Bio-capacity deficit for Israel is 1640%, according to the Global Footprint Network. There is absolutely no regard for the natural environment and the consequences are coming! When there is no water, no food, no clean air to breathe, very hot temperatures and high levels of UV-radiation then Jews and Arabs will have to leave Israel NEVER TO RETURN AGAIN! We Jews should have been the caretakers of G-d‘s creation and not the destroyers. But now, it‘s over!
9. US Repub's refuse to deal w/ global warming, climate change
Rafi ,   US   (09.11.18)
ultimately decimating themselves & the rest of the globe
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