Arab victims of attack surprised suspects released
Ahiya Raved
Published: 27.08.18, 10:28
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1. It's horrific
Gavrosh   (08.27.18)
I do not support stereotypes, and I have a number of very dear Russian friends, classy,intelligent and educated. However, the rif raf that joined them on allyah can be scary. . In my former street, two Russians killed their neighbor, cut him up in pieces and buried him in a playground. Regretfully, these non-Jews who actually infiltrated into Israel brought with them many social ills, such as child prostitution, etc. It seems these Arabs on the beach did nothing to provoke them. Real trouble makers with unbridled aggression, looking for victims to crush.
2. This is only the beggining
Gabi Sharon ,   Tel Aviv   (08.27.18)
3. Is that a back story?
Ira Berkowitz ,   Oakland   (08.27.18)
Us this the full story? Young Arab males reportedly display a proclivity for ravishing their attentions on Jewish girls. Might such as that have been occurring prior to the events in question? In any event the entire episode is ugly.
4. Reading comprehension
A Jerusalemite ,   Jerusalem   (08.27.18)
I suggest that you read the whole story, from previous days too.
The victims are not young rootless men looking for fun.
One is a physician at Icihilov Hospital, another a nurse there.
Educated, mature men.
5. Russian?
La   (08.27.18)
Is there evidence that these criminals were Russian or are you just assuming that?
6. Lack of evidence?
Talula ,   Tel Aviv   (08.27.18)
What a joke. Surely there were eye witnesses. I'm pretty sure that the people who were beaten to a pulp can identify them. Seems like the justice system, just like the country is in freefall. What a joke.
7. Just awful
Vered, Israel   (08.28.18)
I hope they catch the assailants! No place for those thugs here!
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