Suspected incendiary balloons cause 3 fires
Matan Tzuri
Published: 27.08.18, 16:25
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1. am i missing somehting
martin   (08.27.18)
avigdor opens the erez crossing while Hamas sends 3 balloon incendiaries to Israel. am i missing something here or is avigdor turned into bibi#2 with endless calculations and avoidance at all costs of combat.

2 peas in a pod-bibi and Lieberman.

leiberman will not be defense minister in the next coaltion since he turns out to be ineffectual with more blather than results.

if likud wins, he will have to give dm job to bennett-otherwise he will not be pm.

in any case, beyond a shadow of a doubt in my mind-bibi will be indicted.
2. This is B-S - Gazans laughing at us
barbara ,   Haifa   (08.27.18)
It's time to get strict. Doesn't anyone know anymore how to
discipline their children - in this case: Gazans and Hamas. They are playing with us. Shame on Lieberman and Bibi.
3. How stupid does YNET thinks its readers are?
NYNY   (08.27.18)
This is total bullocks, just lies and innuendo to control the narrative to start another round of humiliation.
4. Bring more Hamas members for a treatment in Israeli hospital
ab   (08.27.18)
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