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Report: Swedish cities use public money to fund anti-Semitism
Itamar Eichner
Published: 28.08.18, 15:17
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1. Malmo Tax Base
Lolek ,   Toronto   (08.28.18)
Surprising to hear that Malmo has the tax revenue to fund these kinds of programs.
2. Swedish Anti-Semitism
Nigel Kersh ,   Ra'anana   (08.28.18)
Israel - the ONLY answer to anti-Semitism
3. Forget antisemitic, these Nordic Morons fund own destruction
and are happily oblivious about it.
There's nobody to talk to, since everybody took leave of their senses years ago.
That's "Democracy" for you: the perfect system at obtaining Zombies at no costs...
4. Continuing traditions of Olof Palme :His UN Ambassador Eva M
ab   (08.28.18)
-yrdal was the founder of the Stockholm's Institute of Racial Hygiene(touting superiority of Germanic race) and his FO Secretary,Sverke ├ůstrom was pre-war activist of the Swedish Nazi Party
5. Boycott Swedisch products
Alexander Scheiner ,   ZY, Israel   (08.28.18)
Stop buying Volvo, Electrolux and other Swedish products. Stop visiting Sweden.

Do exactly what the anti-Semitic BDS is doing against Israel and Jews.
6. E.U. funds Jew hatred as Muslims eat it up alive
Chaim ,   Israel   (08.28.18)
Sweden's Jew hatred is so consuming that it funds Jew haters as its society is being eaten alive by backward Muslim immigrants.
oleg ,   Florida   (08.28.18)
8. Sweden funds terrorists in Israel jihadist internally
9. Good source of information
Jarda   (09.27.18)
"Gatestone Institute... has attracted attention for publishing false articles and being a source of viral falsehoods". Wikipedia
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