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Anne & Frank Bakery owner considers name change
Published: 28.08.18, 20:29
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1. Give some context on eatery, pointless article without
2. We have to get over this pettiness, like the crooked .....
NYNY   (08.29.18)
cross which is ancient symbol going back many thousands of years to the most ancient civilizations all of the entire world.
3. Whiners Makes Jews And Israelis Look Rediculous
World Citizen ,   the world   (08.30.18)
If the names of the owners are Anne and Frank they have every right to call the establishment what they want without being hassled by the Jewish PC police.
4. #3 read much? The owners name is Roberto!
5. It's a Brand by now. Should have Copyright to it!
6. BDS, Anne Frank and the "new Israel fund"
Alexander Scheiner ,   ZY, Israel   (08.31.18)
Anne Frank, s.l, the victim of the anti-Semitic Nazi regime is now a victim of political and financial interests of certain organizations. Namely from the evil NIF. This US-NGO plays a disgusting role in the Anne Frank Foundation and as usual, against Israel, against Zionism and the Jewish people.

Please revert to, and to

Apparently the Anne Frank Foundation is now a cash cow for certain foundations, including for the CEO of the Swiss “almost Jewish” weekly Tachles. Fie!
7. Deeper than this average Dutchman are deeply AntiSemitic
4DutchThisIsAJoke ,   Jerusalem Israel   (09.13.18)
Remember 85% of Dutch Jews were murdered during the Nazi period
the Dutch Police and Railroad enthusiastically participated in the round up
and deportation all the time maintaining "good Dutch manners" the highest
percentage of any Jewish Community murdered in the Holocaust
A conversation in most Dutch Pubs will bring about a lot of "jokes" about the Jews the museums there are just a front . A few years ago when I brought
two Israeli children to the Anne Frank House they had literature in every
language imaginable except one HEBREW when I protested they just gave
me dirty looks when I told them Anne Frank attended Hebrew School and
prayed daily in Hebrew there were just dirty and blank looks. Disgusting
how Israelis flock to Amsterdam and sell their honor to the Dutch
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