The joint struggle
Amjad Shbita
Published: 30.08.18, 00:57
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1. If there is a third side to a coin ......
DSM ,   USA   (08.30.18)
that is the side Bibi wants to be on. Once again it seems he is playing both sides and not taking a definitive stand. Shbita is playing Bibi for the weakling he is.
2. The right of national self-determination in a people's...
Nadav Katz ,   Qatzrin   (08.30.18)
...homeland is a universally accepted right of all peoples. This includes the Jewish people. Basic Law: Israel, the Nation-State of the Jewish People is
a way to anchor this right in law. This does not negate the right of the Arabs,
be they Arabs of the Land of Israel or Arabs throughout the Arab world. The
Arabs, throughout the Arab world have more than 20 Arab states. The Arabs
of the Land of Israel were handed over 77% of the Land to them in 1921 on
which they set up their sovereign state in 1946 and called it Jordan. Incidentally, in Jordan, the nation-state of the Arabs of Palestine/Land of Israel, no Jew may reside, work or own real estate...
3. "Palestine," never dies...
ironbutterfly ,   LA, USA   (08.30.18)
because liberal Jews never stop fighting for it.
4. You are a sneaky man, Amjad
Gene   (08.30.18)
Why don't you criticize the real and the only one discriminatory law that exist in Israel? The law which allows Arab citizens to avoid serving in IDF, Why it doesn't bother you that Jews and Arabs are treated differently by that law but bothers (very much) the law which does not do that? Even if it would be not true: why do you think that a country (any country) should treat the same way citizens who defend it and those who refuse to defend it? (as a citizen you must have not only rights but obligations as well)
5. Delusional. Arabs are socially conservative, not Leftists.
Jake   (08.30.18)
They have nothing in common with the secularist amoral Leftists who hate Netanyahu.

The vast majority of Arabs are quite happy living in the Jewish Nation State of Israel, and Netanyahu has made their lives even better, as he's done for all Israelis.
6. Yeah sure Amjad, whatever...Thank you for trying, no thanks!
7. And why don't you wave with Israeli flag in Ramllah? Afraid
ab   (08.30.18)
of your own ilk ?
8. jihad, taqiyah
trump   (08.30.18)
the muslims are not fighting for a democratic state! they are fighting for an islamic state and iposing the sharia and the jizya on stupid jews.
9. the author is a dreamer
zionist forever   (08.30.18)
The arabs have lost no civil rights through this law and all it has really done is taken the idea of a Jewish state which was not legally binding and put it into Basic Law and so not the national symbols, the idea of a Jewish homeland ( was never considered an arab one ) and has made hebrew the official language whilst before neither hebrew or arabic has any official position legally. In reality nothing has changed for arabs or Jews its just cemented a few things into Basic Law so politicians cannot easily change them as political fashions change. There are more Jews who vote for Hadash than 10,0000 and in Tel Aviv on a Saturday night when these people have nothing better to do than go out protest a law they probably didn't even understand so 10,0000 progressive Jews at a Tel Aviv protest is nothing. Netanyahu doesn't fear the arabs because they do not vote for him, the party most arabs vote for is Joint List and they are either not invited or chose not to join coalitions so why should Netanyahu fear arab voters or progressive Jews who are also a minority and never vote for him anyway?
10. He's right, Israeli Left&Hamas are one and the same:Brothers
in Arms, so to speak!
11. Arabs want privileges but no obligations to the state
C   (08.30.18)
most arabs in israel consider themselves palestinians rather than israelis.
they wave palestinian flags and refuse to serve in the idf.

the nationality law's sole purpose is to enshrine the jewish character
of the state.
the arabs will not be affected by the nationality law.
they will continue to wave palestinian flags, refuse to serve in
the idf, and engage in acts of terror.
they will continue to reject israel's jewish character and deny
jewish links to the land of israel.
they will continue to deny the existence of the two jewish
temples in jerusalem and they will continue to pray facing mecca.
the liberal american jews will continue to be liberal, and by
now, many will be far left--social democrats.
12. "Joint struggle"...yeah, 12 Arabs plus Dov Khenin
Jake   (08.30.18)
13. One look at the photo proves this guy is lying
Jake   (08.30.18)
An Arab in Tel Aviv with a palestinian flag draped over his back, wearing a t-shirt that shows a map of all of "historic Palestine" in chains.
No amount of taqiyyah and dissimulation will mask the fact that these people are hell-bent on the destruction of Israel and the creation of an "Arab Palestine" on its ruins.
14. Mr.
Sheldon Greenberg ,   Jerusalem   (08.30.18)
I always thought Israel was a Jewish State. Non Jewish citizens have the same rights as Jews. If Arabs want to live in an Arab or Moslem State, there are many countries to where they can emigrate.
15. But who was the 1st?
U   (08.30.18)
Although probably it was not the intended reason for this law, but the representatives of the Arab sector called it upon themselves by self-definition as "Palestinians" and by completely abandoning "Israeli Arabs" term. When one calls himself by name of a rivaling entity, one clearly states his affiliations and aspirations and there is no reason for the ethnic majority to turn a blind eye to this fact.
16. Northern Ireland is not part of Britain
phil   (08.31.18)
it is currently part of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

17. Yep: one group wants to eliminate the WORD "Jewish" from our
State, the other wants to literally eliminate JEWS from our State.
A real, common struggle indeed.
Just ask Zoabi, Tibi & Zandberg/Gal-on....Breaking Silence, Amos Oz
Shall I go on?
18. what if the US had an analogous law?
barry ,   North Providence RI   (09.07.18)
Interesting. Analogously, if the US Congress passed a law stating the US was a nation state of Christian people, as a Jew I would not like it and feel unwelcome., I would hope for Christian support in opposing such a lawn and believe many Christians here would indeed demonstrate against it. That would similarly very much annoy proponents of officially declaring the US a Christian country.
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