Friedman: 'No demands in exchange for embassy move'
Published: 30.08.18, 11:37
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1. American Jewish diplomatic stupidity.
Sam ,   Montreal   (08.30.18)
First, there probably isn't any US peace deal. They can't think of one. That's why they don't present it. Second, the choice isn't absorb the Palestinians or give them a state. Who said Israel has to decide? Those choices are only there if there is a peace deal. Otherwise, it's the status quo. Nobody, has been able to change that. Not the Palestinians, not the US. Friedman appears to be another diplomat without a clue.
2. BIG mistake Mr. Fridman: 3.5 Million Palestinians in W.Bank
ironbutterfly   (08.30.18)
3. It matters not what he demands because he has no support.
Michael ,   California, USA   (08.30.18)
His organization is merely hot air as even most committed administrators are quitting. Even the staunch Republican voter is abandoning his sinking ship.
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