Opinion  Dr. Yaron Friedman
The parallel universe of Hassan Nasrallah
Dr. Yaron Friedman
Published: 30.08.18, 23:49
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1. Nas is the reigning king of 4G warfare...
Hornet ,   D.F., MX   (08.31.18)
and he gets as far as he does because the West lets him.
2. conspiracy?
golphang   (08.31.18)
It's a fact that the Saudis/US/Israel have destabilized Syria. Israel, to its benefit, has realized that Assad is not going anywhere and is trying to right the ship. Unfortunately, the decision makes in Israel were too stupid to realize that the consequence of their actions would be that Iran would move much closer to them.

It's still not too late to fix this, but the road to Tehran goes through the Palestinians, and the Saudis need to be dropped. Of course, the Saudis are a bunch of greedy idiots, so that is what makes them useful. The same thing can't be said for the Iranians.
3. MR.
Abdirahman Mohamed ,   Seattle.WA   (08.31.18)
Hassan Nasrallah never lies. Yes,the war in Syria was a conspiracy against all Arabs and Muslims. Saudi Arabia destroying Yemen on behalf of Israeli,but always remember that Yemen defeated Egyptian Army 50 years ago.That's why Israelis won the war June 1967.
4. By comparison to medicine, insanity takes up much space in
that field's research material.
Likewise this author has invested much thought& knowledge and energy into dissecting a phenomenon particular to the pathologically sick minds of Followers of Religion of Peace.
Waste of time.
The energy must be put into immediate destruction of Muslim (worldwide) aspiration of domination of others.
It is a simple concept aimed against a primitive enemy.
It will suffice, believe you me.
5. moishe rabeynu
moishe   (08.31.18)
Arabs great storytellers. unfortunately many believe these tales to be true they are more comfortable with fiction than with fact. leaders take advantage of this. then they do crazy things.
6. Don't have to look that far away: take out Leftist Zombies
like Meretz & assorted lemmings.
They are very much attuned to Nasrallah's views.
They vote obediently with our mortal Arab foes sitting in Knesset...
7. RIght
Avi L.   (08.31.18)
Since Medina "our neighbors" think that al yahud is the source of all evil, who else? At that time the US didn't even exist, but there were already Christians around, with whom not to make friends.

Nasrallah is just the last version after Hamas, PLO, Cairo conference of 1967 etc etc with the difference he has some hundred of thousands missiles

That rat of Nasrallah is only right about two points, Tsadal and Kurds.

A few days ago Donald was already eager to dump the Kurds for an iranian retreat from south Syria (didn't he had an "agreement" with Putin already?) and for "some oil".

Donald or Sanders won't support the Kurds in the near future
8. Oh boy
Rami ,   Helsinki   (08.31.18)
Guy who believes that Muhammed flew to Jerusalem on a flying horse talking about mental health. And you have not defeated anything. Northern Syria is still largely at rebel hands and I doubt Kurds will jus hand Rojava over to you.
9. Nasralla reads reality right. It is Israel who is deluded.
Avi ,   NYC, USA   (09.07.18)
It was Israel's and the neocons (mostly Jewish) wish to bring genocide to the Syrian people.
The plan failed thanks to Russia, Iran and Hizballa.
Through inciting the Iraq war and then the Syrian warwe have brought the Iranians all the way to 80 kilometers from Haifa.
Another warmongering and I think that Iran might be in Netanya.
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