Thousands of Palestinians protest in Gaza border riots
Yoav Zitun, Liad Osmo, Matan Tzuri
Published: 31.08.18, 20:00
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1. they think that they can wage psychological warfare & win
C   (08.31.18)
these lunatics will never defeat the sovereign jewish state.
2. Bibi doesn't seem to care as long as there are no casualties
Sam ,   Montreal   (08.31.18)
Israel could stop this quickly with multiple air attacks but the attitude is to let the violent, raging lunatics run around if Israelis are not hurt.
3. Arabs in Israel are begging the EU to oppose national-law
C   (08.31.18)
the arabs think that foreign countries and entities can meddle in the
internal affairs of the sovereign jewish state of israel.
they have no understanding of the workings of international laws.
no one, certainly no foreign entity, can demand that israel stop
declare herself as the homeland of the jewish people.
israel is the jewish state and will remain so forever.
4. Protests
Brad ,   USA   (09.01.18)
When the grenade was thrown at the IDF, THE "protesters" should've been machine gunned down. No problem.
5. Our fat Yvette& his lethal mouth aren't (somehow) enough of
a deterrence to Muslim mob.
I wonder why....
6. Some "mowing" could do wonders, have they thought of that?
7. Why aren't the idiots protesting Hamas who put them there?
David ,   Hartford USA   (09.02.18)
Talk about idiots leading the morons! The people of Gaza have only Hamas to thank for their current circumstances. Had Hamas acted like a government that cared about its people, there would peace and free commerce between Israel and Gaza.

But no, Hamas had to act like the deranged group of thugs that it actually is and ruined it for millions of people.

If the people of Gaza want to better their lives, get rid of Hamas. Israel isn't your enemy. Hamas is. Duh!
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