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US halts funding to UN agency aiding Palestinians
Reuters, Ynet
Published: 01.09.18, 09:35
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1. Finally coming to their senses.
tiki ,   belgium   (09.01.18)
Germans, Jordanians, Europeans are all collectively showing their frustration and 'pledging help to keep the ever growing army of 'palestinian 'refugees'....refugees forever.

Let's see how many years they will do so.
2. Very good
Rami ,   Helsinki   (09.01.18)
Now if Trump could only stop aid to Iraq and Lebanon as well.
jeff ,   USA   (09.01.18)
Tine you get off the welfare and fend for yourselves.. if you all die of starvation cause you want to buy weapons, so be it.
4. Poor USA, awaiting Pali-revenge!
Robert ,   Israel   (09.01.18)
Here you can see what happens when people get accustomed to be fed in their mouths for decades. They turn that help into an obligation. BIG MISTAKE. Palestinians got accustomed to receive money without having to work for it and the worst of all is that they kept biting the hand that gave them food. Other countries should do the same the US did, so Palestinians should learn how to fish instead of waiting for the fish they receive for free.
Robert ,   Israel   (09.01.18)
Here you can see what happens when people get accustomed to receive money for free during decades. They get accustomed to it and they end up considering it an obligation from the donors. BIG MISTAKE !! The US got tired of giving money to people who hate them. Other countries should do the same the US did as that will be the only way for the Palestinian to start working for their food instead of using that free money to produce guns, explosives, incendiary kites, tunnels, and so on. Palestinian leaders should start fishing for themselves instead of waiting for others to put fish in their mouths while the only thing they do is to sow hate.
7. the refugees issue will never die
amjad dabas   (09.01.18)
whatever usa doing the refugees will always have their rights in their lands. the rights never die.
8. Right of Return reserved for those alive in 48 only with
Alan ,   SA   (09.01.18)
signed consent of both their parents
9. Abu Mazen- Abbas
You said that the US is irrelevant. Well they just show you who is the boss.
You now have the option to take what Israel is willing to give you
and say thank you or wait endlessly to fulfil your dream of taking Israel over. It will never happen
10. The $40 billion Fukestinian National fund can support UNRWA
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (09.01.18)
for 100 years
11. Pal refugees back to Pal,Jews back to E, Europe & Russia
Gabi Sharon ,   Tel Aviv   (09.01.18)
12. Porky Sherry constantly complains about HIS tax money
A ,   OutThere   (09.01.18)
being wasted on Israel and the "palestinians". Now he's complaining about how hard it's going to be for the poor "palestinians" without HIS tax money to support them. At least he'll have more money to shovel donuts into his face.
13. Americans ought to be proud of the fact that they are...
NadavKatz   (09.01.18)
...being led by a man who is not afraid to face reality and deal with it. In this case, not only that UNRWA should not be funded by the US, it should be dissolved.
14. UN Agency Milking US Taxpayer for decades closes
MadDad ,   Johannesburg   (09.01.18)
After decades of milking the us taxpayer an agency designed to perpetuate
and prolong the conflict has been closed for refusing to reform thereby opening the possibility of peace
15. Let's hope Trump will in the end arrive at the obvious:
there never was, is, nor will there be a separate Muslim/Arab entity called Palestine, nor should anyone with minimum of intelligence want to create such Chimera!
16. There are NO Palestinian refugees
BBB   (09.02.18)
as there is NO Palestine.

G-d Bless Trump.
17. # 11 Gabi Sharon, Tel Aviv LOVE IT OR LEAVE IT
BBB   (09.02.18)
Gabi go to hell.
There is No palestine.
Other wise, you'd not be living in Tel Aviv.

18. They have parents?
BBB   (09.02.18)
19. # 6 Robert, Israel
BBB   (09.02.18)
Amen brother!
Trump highlights the old adage,
'The Golden Rule
He who has the gold makes the rules.
20. #2 Rami it's coming
BBB   (09.02.18)
Afghanistan just got $300 million less from the US.
G-d Bless Trump!!
21. # 1 tiki, Belguim
BBB   (09.02.18)
Cash talks...
BS walks...
Europe and her Muslims were old allies against the Jews.

When you think about it, there cannot be any 'palestinian refugees
as there is no palestine.
The $$ wasted on this fictitious tale is ending,
Thank you president Trump.
22. Gabi: There is no land, country, etc "Palestine"
solomon ,   NY   (09.02.18)
It was a name given to the area (not country) by the Romans after the long gone PHILISTINES to try and eradicate the memory of the Jews. Arabs had/have nothing to do with it.
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