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Ukrainian city remembers Jews on Holocaust anniversary
Associated Press
Published: 02.09.18, 20:53
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1. While mayor is sincere and appreciated Jews should not
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (09.02.18)
return to live in the killing fields as they have their own country where they can defend themselves against enemies without having to be at the mercy of others
oleg ,   Florida   (09.02.18)
3. No anti-Semitism in Ukraine
AT ,   Melbourne   (09.03.18)
Whoever tells you about "existing anti-Semitism" in Ukraine, it is just rubbish. Half-Ukrainian myself (another half - Russian) I lived in Ukraine in the 60-ies, just an 8 y.o. kid. My school teacher and family doctor were both Jewish; very nice ladies. Never heard a bad word about them. Currently, Ukrainian Prime-Minister is Jewish: V.Groysman. Ukraine is long past any ethnic conflicts. The ongoing war in Eastern Ukraine is not "Ukrainians against Russians"; it is just an on-going collapse of the former Russian Empire and its former re-incarnation as the USSR. 40% of the Ukrainian army soldiers and officers are of Russian ethnic origin. Cooperation between Israel and Ukraine can bring huge future dividends to both countries.
4. My father was from Lwow/Lviv
Ami ,   Tek Aviv   (09.03.18)
Fortunately, his parents and two eldest brothers emigrated to Haifa in 1936.
His other seven siblings and all their families were murdered by the Germans and their collaborators.
5. One can only hope for this direction to continue forever.
6. Just try not to dredge for the sordid past too much....
7. Mother in law was from Lviv
Robert ,   Antwerp   (09.03.18)
She ,her brother and parents were the only entire Jewish family cell to survive in Lviv. They were hidden separately. My mother in law, then 9 years old could watch through a window how the ukrainiens together with the Nazis killed the jews
8. mainly Ukrainian militia and public murdered Lviv's Jews
Yohanan ,   Jerusalem   (09.04.18)
The Ukrainians enthusiastically led and perpetrated the mass murders. Much more than German soldiers. Not to forget history, not to whitewash Ukraine. Read the facts, at least give the date of the first big brutal pogroms. See
Read Agnon and others on destruction and loss. And ignore farfetched relic, an NM artist finding key to synagogue .
We support the current Ukrainian democracy over the Russian dictatorship. But not to distort history or kid ourselves about such artificial memorials...
9. Thank you
benny salz ,   mannheim   (09.07.18)
Thank you.
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