Israeli-Palestinian hi-tech hub heading to West Bank
Ofer Petersburg
Published: 03.09.18, 13:16
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1. How about "boosting" Arabs into 10th Century first???!
2. The project is doomed to failure
A ,   OutThere   (09.03.18)
as the EU islamic buttkissers will boycott the goods made in arab occupied Samaria, and it will be arabs who will their jobs because of it, just like SodaStream.
3. Good idea
Mike ,   Toronto   (10.03.18)
Good idea. Congrats to the Trump Administration on this one!
4. All Taxes will go to Israel and to Illegal Settlements
Steve Benassi ,   Plymouth, MN USA   (10.31.18)
Israel benefits the most, cheap labor, subsidies, and all business taxes go to Israel or the Illegal settlements.

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