Philippines' Duterte: 'never again' at Israel's Holocaust memorial
Published: 03.09.18, 23:34
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1. So someone wrote him a nice speech. No biggie.
2. Voters are tiring of slick politicians who talk a lot but
Alan ,   SA   (09.04.18)
do nothing for them.. They are only in politics for the treats.They are in politics to retire billionaires.
That is why voters chose Trump in USA and Duerte in Philipines. . They want a cat that can catch the mice. Not a cat that eats the cream and does nothing except sitting on somebody lap and purr.
Who cares what Duerte says or Trump says as long as they can improve the lot of their mostly poor citizens. Look how USA economy has improved (by Trump NOT Barry Soetero efforts)and even how Israel's economy since Mabara days.
3. Mr internal security. Erdan. Wants to decriminalize drugs
Eden   (09.04.18)
Marijuana. Please ask the Phillipine President his experiences with drug dealers.

A drug dealer is the highest category of murderer. They murder for cash.

Mr Erdan. We do not want your education.
4. A shameful visit - Duterte is a murderer
Disillusioned   (09.04.18)
He's here to buy weapons.... nobody else obviously wants to arm this nutter killing off thousands without bothering to either rehabilitate drug addicts or give them a fair trial.

So if nobody else will arm a murderous lunatic, who is likely to turn out an oppressive dictator, Israel will? How completely shameful is that?
5. Nazis in Love
Steve Benassi ,   Duluth, MN USA   (09.05.18)
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