Hamas leader admits Marches of Return were staged to avert internal crisis
Elior Levy
Published: 04.09.18, 17:51
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1. So typical for the Arabs: One faction can't live in peace...
Nadav Katz ,   Qatzrin   (09.04.18)
...with the other so they go out to kill Jews. And some still insist that we hand over to these thugs portions of our homeland. We say: Never Again!!
2. How callous
BBB   (09.04.18)
that the Pals use their offspring as their retirement fund.
A sinister crop of Arab expendables all dead.
Thankfully, Trump cuts their funding.
3. 'causing israel to think again'
jochair thijssen ,   kfar saba israel   (09.04.18)
In his dreams, Arabs always think they can influence Israeli thinking,
In fact Arabs are so insignificant, that we don't notice them, then they murder and we open one eye halfway and then close it fast again.They will claim that to be a victory.
4. Sanwar the manipulative cynic
C   (09.04.18)
this islamic terrorist is willing to sacrifice the children of gaza for his
selfish political purposes--and he admits it openly.
5. Exploited certainly, but where admitted to have staged?
ww   (09.05.18)
I don't doubt he did, but I'm having trouble finding that in his quotes.

"the Marches of Return thwarted the plan" obviously indeed means they averted the crisis, but how is that an admission to have staged them?

Was there something lost in translation?
6. At least Sinwar learned how to control
A ,   OutThere   (09.05.18)
the gaza rat population...give them grenades and molotovs and send them to the fence on Fridays.
7. moishe rabeynu
moishe   (09.05.18)
a coat of external paint will not fix the house properly. it is still broken down habitat of misery. inhabitants are stupid to fall for this trick. they need a new honest contractor. won't change or improve. pity.
8. Hamas
Michael ,   seattle   (09.06.18)

What a surprise!! I am shocked!! Who would have ever thought that?
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