Netanyahu to shut down Israeli Embassy in Paraguay
Published: 05.09.18, 20:32
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1. storm in a tea cup!
2. Funny
Chino ,   Florida   (09.05.18)
Look at all the facebook losers above crying like little trix. Funny @$#%
3. Fake news
Jez ,   Netanya   (09.06.18)
We're told by our great leader how strong our international standing is. So clearly this is leftist unpatriotic fake news. Remember great leaders are always right.
4. If you deal with a Banana State, it's your fault, isn't it?
ex-oleh chadash ,   BR   (09.06.18)
they are double tongued people, of course.
5. Why is anyone surprised?
Disillusioned   (09.06.18)
Bibi is all bluster and always has been. All his blind supporters are already rushing to the polls to vote this fake in again for "accomplishments" that don't hold water.

The American Embassy is only symbolic. Trump has already mentioned that there will be a price to pay for it, and that, dear deluded fol, is to compel Israel to accept his as yet unrevealed "peace plan". He gets his Nobel, we get the embassy. If not, the Tel Aviv embassy remains and the allotted Jerusalem one falls by the wayside

Not to mention that if and when the Democrats return (and signs are already appearing of dynamic new contenders - all of them more to the left, which is what the youth are supporting) - this embassy will promptly return to Tel Aviv.

Bibi peddles whatever makes him look good. The good of the country is secondary to him. Ultimately, he's an empty vessel; a weak, dishonest, corrupt and increasingly incompetent. He's running on empty. Time to fill the car with a new kind of gas.
6. Stupidity comes with a price.
tiki ,   belgium   (09.06.18)
Hilarious to see how the lie continues to cripple their thinking of what's good for them. So let them have the good offices of the beggars from 'Palestine' in their country and help them in development!

I fail to understand how "palestine" is able to finance all these foreign we keep hearing how dreadful their situation is and in need of billions of our tax money.
7. Overreaction
The proportionate step would be moving Israeli embassy out of Paraguay’s capital to a nearby town and even that would be questionable. Closing down the embassy is an overreaction, which sends a wrong message - if you make the bold move of moving your embassy of Jerusalem and then have to step back for whatever reason, you will be punished more than the ones, who never attempted to move their embassies to Jerusalem in the first place.
8. Paraquay and Israel
Sjoerd van der Velde ,   Hoorn Holland   (09.06.18)
At first the so-called "pal" people have to mind their own business. It is Israel"s right to end diplomatic relations with Paraquay, in this case, situation and circumstance, until friendship can be restored between these two countries, the sooner the better.
9. I Doubt The Paraguayan People Will Care
World Citizen ,   the world   (09.07.18)
The only reason Israel has an embassy in Paraguay is to act as a base of operations for criminal activity in that country. Things like stealing passports, drug distribution and running guns. We on the outside see by your actions and the actions of your criminal government what Israelis about. Basically what we see is a bunch of people who will do anything if it furthers their own selfish desires.
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