The secrecy is unveiled: a race to destroy Iranian facilities in Syria
Yoav Zitun
Published: 05.09.18, 23:58
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oleg ,   Florida   (09.06.18)
2. If not now then never, shall we defeat Iran. It must be war!
3. Unfortunately it hasn’t deterred khamenei
Tehraniporou   (09.06.18)
That can see am point of vulnerability for Israel. The announcement of missile deployment in Iraq comes as the recognition of a second strike capability outside of iran in the “empire”. The military buildup on all sides is worrisome.
4. Mossad station in central Tehran provides intelligence
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (09.06.18)
Israel's tentacles are deep inside Iranian regime at the highest levels and supply the most secret information
5. ?? what in this article isn't already known or published?
Rafi ,   US   (09.06.18)
6. Complete and total bs...Israelis love lying to themselves
Al   (09.07.18)
You can't stop kite terrorism that has burnt millions of dollars of agriculture deal you tell yourselves bs that you can stop the Iranians.

Israel today is a shadow of Israel of 1967.
7. What secret? Why the surprise?
Brad ,   USA   (09.07.18)
Israel has already said it would take out Iran itself, because of Iran's nukes. Why wouldn't Israel pound Iranian operations in Syria? One way or another, Iran will go down. The sooner the better.
8. Dear Tom
Mikel ,   Netanya   (09.16.18)
The thing is Tom over here everyone is obliged to speak more than one language. Some speak three or four. The problem is writing one's thoughts coherently in a second or third language. You cannot really fully understand the plot if you cannot speak the other person's person's language. YNET in English is here to give intelligent people like you the chance to join the conversation.
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