Report: Israel funded, armed Syrian rebel groups
Published: 06.09.18, 20:58
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1. perhaps providing them with F-35 jets would have sufficed?
Rafi ,   US   (09.06.18)
2. It was bound to backfire
Farid H. ,   Germany / Morocco   (09.07.18)
With hindsight, wouldn't it have made more sense for Israel to find a modus vivendi with Assad instead of sponsoring all kinds of rebels of dubious origins and goals? Syrians had merely a territorial dispute with Israel which was basically solvable on a rational basis; now they'll blame physical deaths of their civilians caused by those rebels on Israel, making some kind of reconciliation much, much harder than it already was, because real (non-ideologized) emotions are involved. That is sad, IMHO. Looks like an instance of "gun, meet foot."
3. "rebels" are murderous thugs who produce chemical weapons...
ironbutterfly   (09.07.18)
"rebels" are murderous thugs, and they're the ones who produce chemical weapons with the help from US and Israel. These thugs use these chemicals on civilians, and blame Assad for that. US' objective = to force Assad go. It does not work and will never work. Thankfully Russiais is there to protect Syria against US and it's proxy ISIS. American plan is clear, which is to keep creating chaos in its playground, Middle East.
4. they would have liked us better if we gave nothing
zionist forever   (09.07.18)
Nobody expected us to play any kind of role in that conflict either publicly or covertly by supplying weapons but thats it and now because we did not send in the troops to help them they hate us.
If we had just left them to fight their own battles they would still hate us but they would not hate us for betraying them so they might have hated us a little less than they do because we tried to help.
Iranian Jew ,   LALA LAND   (09.07.18)
Them. Why shouldn’t Israel use the same tactic? It is a jungle in SYRIA, and any side that wins will turn against Israel at the end. Getting the rebels kill ISIS and the mullahs sounds like a Great plan to me.
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