Pence pressures Paraguay over Jerusalem embassy move
Published: 07.09.18, 08:37
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1. abdo opposes Pence\s evangelical Nazism
Ephraim Hendel ,   London   (09.07.18)
Paragua is a sovereign state, not US puppet
2. Paraguay is a Spanish colony
Ian ,   Newcastle upon Tyne   (09.07.18)
Every single country in North and South America,including Venezuela Cuba was founded by Europeans who displaced and killed the natives.The Europeans had no previous connections to the lands they stole and colonised unlike Jewish people who have a more than 3,000 years connection with and continuous settlement on the Land of Israel.

I don't see S Americans returning to Europe in shame.The hypocrisy of many S American governments is gigantic.

3. Paraguay? Really?
Avi L.   (09.07.18)
"Special Friend" Donald's move should have brought a landslide of new embassies to Jerusalem ... people bought real estates to make a profit ... and in the end Bibi is making a fuss over a third sized country moving away?

Being the real man he is Bibi should face all those bigger and more important countries that DIDN'T move to Jerusalem, but as usual Bibi being himself kicks Abbas but doesn't dare kicking Hamas for real.

Did he confront Argentina, Brazil, Chile for staying in Tel Aviv?

Did he understand why the tiny countries that moved for ? In exchange of what? Actually only Guatemala and Paraguay ... oops Paraguay just left

Did Bibi Hagadol thought that Paraguay moved because it recognized some historical duty to do it? Because of the charisma of our Dear Leader Bibi?

Does he even knows what is Paraguay? The weight of the il/legal trade propping up the country? The weight of the lebanese (as in Hezballah) component? Mario Abdo ... Abdo?

Add he called some US donor asking to give a bakshish to whoever is in charge there, as the "lebanese" party did, he would have solved the situation.

Lil'Donald heavy intervention will only alienate the already "yankee-sensible" south America.

Every day brings Donald's demise nearer.

It would be time for Bibi to face reality and solve Iran's axis problem.
4. More proof Trump is true friend of Jews and Israel
Chaim ,   Israel   (09.07.18)
The evidence is overwhelming that Trump is the best friend Jews and Israel have ever had in the White House. Yet mindless leftist Jews, in Israel and the diaspora, maintain a sick vendetta against him.
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