Sources: Paraguay was disappointed with Israel's behavior
Itamar Eichner
Published: 07.09.18, 20:23
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1. 'The Arabs invested funds'
tiki ,   belgium   (09.07.18)
Or at least promised to!

Paraguay has to learn what Arabs mean by 'promise'.
2. Paraguay doesn't appreciate Bibi's 'Amo de Casa' style....
Manantial Calderon ,   Israel   (09.07.18)
If instead of insisting on sitting on his chief end on his high horse Netanyahu had come down a notch; Paraguay would have assisted in causing a domino effect with respect to Latin American embassies....
but Netanyahu is too USA-centered to even begin to understand the nuances of Latin American living! A pity, Netanyahu's ignorance is costing Israel friends!
3. embaixada.
reinaldo ,   Brasil   (09.08.18)
O atual presidente do foi pressionado pelos árabes.então e um presidente fraco não tem competência para dirigir um pais.
e quem criticar a atitude certa de Israel e fraco e sem iniciativa tambem.
4. Thin Excuse
A Simple Jew ,   Beer Sheva   (09.08.18)
We didn't ignore them, and don't blame Bibi. The PA and/or Turkey bribed someone to move it back to Tel Aviv. If Paraguay was that clueless or insincere in moving the embassy to Jerusalem in the first place, then shame on Paraguay. Glad Bibi shut down the Israeli embassy in reprisal. Next step is to throw out Paraguay's ambassador and shut their embassy.
5. Will we even know the real reason?
6. Countries that have not moved their embassies
from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem are now on better terms with Israel than Paraguay, which at least tried. What kind of message does it send to other countries, who are considering the embassy move (like Czechia)? That if you try to make that bold move, but fail, your relationships with Israel will become worse than if you have not made that attempt in the first place. Good job, Bibi. You have just discouraged several countries from moving their embassies to Jerusalem.
7. real reason: Israel's Nazi-like occupation of Palestine
Shela Ramon ,   Tel Aviv   (09.08.18)
8. How many "think" tanks did it take?
Avi L.   (09.08.18)
How many "think" tanks did it take to understand it?

Why not ask readers? LOL

see comment,7340,L-5342875,00.html
9. The Great Game
Gavriel Rechov ,   Savannah, GA - US   (09.08.18)
The Paraguayan president still doesn't know that Vice President Pence is one of those privileged men keenly aware of their mission in life, and that he is absolutely determined to carry it out. Furthermore he is very constant, patient and very hard negotiating.

But Mr Abdo Benitez soon will understand all that sudden and abruptly, because it's very likely that the United States will also close their embassy in Paraguay.

The Great Game of designing the Future is not for blind, confused, undecided or hesitant men.
Ezekiel Haim ,   London   (09.08.18)
And is an Arabic word meaning worshipper.Mario is an ABD of Qatari Money.That is the explanation.
11. Are you surprised at the new Arab president of Paraguay?
Mario ABDO Benitez, the new Paraguayan president of Lebanese heritage, did exactly what you'd expect an Arab president to do
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