Report: Trump administration to close PLO office in Washington
Reuters, Ynet
Published: 10.09.18, 10:48
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1. Trump better at dealing with shoe commercials &
Bashing the media rathet than assisting in solve world problems. Regarding world problems he's anasonist turned fire fighter.
2. What guarantee do we have, that Donald shan't present us
with similar ultimatum?
3. We will not succumb to US threats till we close Israel down
Alan ,   SA   (09.10.18)
with help of our EU friends bla bla.....BTW . Kerry told us to hang in there till help arrives.and thats what we are aiming for.
4. President Trump, Ambassador Bolton, thank you, thank you
C   (09.10.18)
this is the first time in a hundred years that an american administration
has sided with the jewish people in the land of israel and with the
sovereign jewish state of israel.
for the first time, an american administration has recognised that the
conflict between arabs and jews is the result of arab intransigence.

the arab palestinians have been recognised diplomatically, given
arms and huge sums of money, and much good will.
yet the arab palestinians continue illegally warring against israel
and carrying out large numbers of acts of terror.

the concessions made by the sovereign state of israel have been
met by enmity, hostility and derision and condescension.
a small group of arabs who have never contributed to the well being
of their own peoples, let alone to the peace of the region, continue
to hold hostage the world with their mockery and derision.
their arrogance, and sense of superiority and sense of entitlement, stuns the conscience.
it is time to wipe off this arrogance and put an end to mockery
and habitual intransigence.
if the arabs want to live productive live and to be accepted as
part of the comity of nations, they must accept the rules of
international norms of behaviour and must cleanse their heart
of all hatreds and envy. they must accept civilised normes.
only then, can they hope to achieve some measure of
of independence and deserved dignity.
5. The offices of this terrorist gang should not have been....
NadavKatz   (09.10.18)
...opened in the first place. But since the misdirected Clinton administration permitted the gangsters to open their site in Washington, DC, it is only a blessing that it is now being closed, permanently, and shall never be permitted to exist at the heart of the United States of America.
6. Muslims don't keep their word anyway.
Brad ,   USA   (09.10.18)
Therefore, just shut the PLO office down, and everything else Islamic in the U.S. as well.
7. Buzzzzz
alwayswatching ,   Los Angeles   (09.10.18)
Palestine is like a hive of angry bees. They fly into your life demanding pollen...
But they are all sting and no honey. Not a great bargaining position...!
8. Israel should shut down ALL "Palestinian" offices
Chaim ,   Israel   (09.10.18)
Another great move by Donald Trump! Israel should also shut down ALL "Palestinian" offices in our land. There is no excuse for Israel to pay homage to our mortal "Palestinian" foes and their fictional statehood claim, which are intended to destroy Israel.
9. It is rather Bill Clinton who ought to be condemened for...
NadavKatz   (09.10.18)
...allowing these gangsters of the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) to open a propaganda office at the heart of Washington, DC from which they have not ceased disseminating Antisemitic/Anti-Jewish racist trash throughout the US and Canada. The place has been there for too many years - a quarter of a century - and it is certainly time to cease with "politically correctness" and shut those offices down, for good.
10. Message to the United Anti-Semitic Nations
Gavriel Rechov ,   Savannah, GA - US   (09.10.18)
Today, on the eve of one of the most important days of mourning in the history of the United States, coinciding with the start of the Jewish New Year, the Trump administration has announced two very significant events.

1. The dedication of a great sculpture at the Flight 93 National Memorial site, in Shanksville, southeast of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. A large monument called "The Tower of Voices," built on the Sacred Ground where the Fligh 93 finally crashed. That splendid work ressembles for one side the solid model of a great skyscraper, and in the other half has a wind chime for each one of the victims of the terrorists assassinations, which will always sound altogether when the wind blows.

2. The long awaited closure of the PLO Office to US, the infamous criminal organization supported for all and each one of the United Anti-Semitic Nations.

It has been neccessary to let 17 years go by thereafter to silently proclaim the thundering relationship between the two events.

At this sad moments, I want to direct my deepest feelings and thoughts to the victims of the September 11th massacre, as well as to all the Jews murdered by the PLO from the Sbarro Pizzeria attack onwards.

You will never be forgotten!
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