Opinion  Yaron London
How educated Arabs present a dilemma for Israel
Yaron London
Published: 10.09.18, 23:47
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1. The advantage of only religeous education......
Boaz   (09.11.18)
No need of MBA or PHD. Identify a Kosher grape juice producer. Make it your own label. Pay 3 shekels a bottle and sell it to us stupid New Zealand jews for 19 dollars.
2. It works both ways
Arnie ,   Montreal   (09.11.18)
We Jews as minorities in so many countries around the globe worked hard , educated ourselves, and in doing so became a force to reckon with. If it was good for us then we must accept it from others.
3. Jewish folly
L Mayor ,   Penllyn   (09.11.18)
Educated or not, any arab living in Israel who is muslim, either is already a problem, or, at any time, can be a problem, as, following the dictates of the koran makes it impossible for any muslim to live as a peaceful citizen in any nation that isn`t governed by islamic law. When the tenets of the koran that require all muslims to convert, subjugate or kill all non muslims, but, especially kill Jews, are excised or changed to compel muslims to accept all non muslims and live with them in peace, then, Israel`s muslims can be good citizens, but, until then, it`s folly to expect muslims to be patriotic Israelis in a Jewish state.
4. Yaron London needs a long rest
Disillusioned   (09.11.18)
He was always a second rate news reader who went on to become a second rate TV presenter and now this unsubstantiated pap.

Education of the local Arab population is key to better integration into Israeli society. It is more advantageous than the ridiculous notion that it poses a threat.

Better for the country will be more educated - and thus less inclined to be ignorantly drawn in to pro Palestinian extremism - than the inciting of the very large uneducated sector among Israelis, who are forming the best part of the trouble- and hate-stirring far right.

For years he's got away with being a boring old bag of air on TV. What he needs is to do himself, and the rest of us, a real favor, and find himself a nice, quiet retirement home and give someone with a full brain the job. Perhaps even a young, educated, lucid Israeli Arab?
5. A country that oppresses its minorities?
Disillusioned   (09.11.18)
One of my doctors is an Israeli Arab. My pharmacist is an Israel Arab. We have outstanding Israeli Arabs doing a far, far better job than this ridiculous man. If this is a country that "oppresses its minorities" we should not be seeing them becoming more upwardly mobile than they have in decades.

There isn't, admittedly, full integration of the two communities here, but it's hard for full trust to exist when a minority are waving Palestinian flags at meetings, but the majority would rather be here than anywhere else. All of Yaron London's articles reveal a strongly left bias that does not reflect the true picture.
6. Zionism & equality=eternal oxymoron
Shela Ramon ,   Tel Aviv   (09.11.18)
7. very important article
wtv ,   jerusalem   (09.11.18)
You misunderstood him, he wasn't really stating his opinion, he was explaining the state's attitude towards educated arabs (who surprisingly became educated despite Israel's policy towards them to keep them stupid, maybe even religious in a bad way too, maybe even hate the state!! dilemma huh? :) ) and I fully agree with the fact that educated arabs may feel alienated if the state's economy rejected them and they may align their selves with palestinian extremism. and really it takes a lot of emotional intelligence to not do that! if Israel gave arabs a chance and stopped with the whole propaganda and hate campaign against arabs, Israeli employers will welcome arabs, you will see a huge difference which will be good for BOTH arabs and jews! People just want to realize their potential, get along with everybody and live! But the arab, especially if s/he's from Jerusalem who somehow, just somehow grows up to be an educated person who wants to integrate in Israel's society and economy, is faced with multiple layers of obstacles, and that person will either immigrate (that IF s/he succeeded in immigrating, it's not like it's easy) or become insane i tell you haha, unemployment or low-skilled jobs for educated people causes insanity!
8. Here we have a living example of the opposite: an "educated"
Jew that turned out to be an utter cretin and professional fool, with a life-long career in being on the wrong side of practically EVERYTHING he chose to touch.
Yaron London is the epitome of Useful Idiot in TWO categories: one as a Tool for the Red Rag- "socialistic" fascism
two: for the openly Nazi Islam& it's aspirations.
You have to look far& long to find an Excellent Idiot like London.
9. They will integrate and then destroy us
TheMssterPlan ,   Jerusalem   (09.11.18)
How to commit national suicide elect weak
Assimilated “Jewish Leaders” If Israeli Arabs are not given Autonomy
Now it will be the end of the Zionist Progect if a safe Jewish Homeland
10. Better an uneducated Haredi than educated Hater of Israel
“Educated”AntiSemite ,   Jerusalem   (09.11.18)
11. Spot on!
Lauren ,   Mizpe Ramon   (09.11.18)
Yaron London is spot on in this article. Civil equality and inclusiveness are essential if we are to be considered a democratic nation but sadly, recent politics have officially set us back. The Arab population of Israel has a lot to offer our country. I speak as an educator working in Arab schools and inspired by many of the young students and teachers I work with.
12. Beware of creating well educated enemies
Chaim ,   Israel   (09.11.18)
The crucial factor about Israeli Arabs is loyalty to Israel as a Jewish state. Those who are loyal are welcome to stay with all the benefits of Israeli citizenship. Disloyal ones must go. It is dangerous folly to create well educated enemies.
13. Post-Zionist author
Moshe   (09.11.18)
Why should Israel care for the local Arabs, who most of them identify themselves as Palestinians, namely Israel's enemies, carry terror attacks against Jews, ignite forests and fields and call during demonstrations "with blood and fire we will liberate Palestine" (or something similar) ? I am not sure that they represent most Arabs, but enough to be wary.

All those acts London "forgot" to mention. Combined with his distortions, he joined the anti-Israeli Arab propaganda apparatus.
14. insensitive comments
wtv ,   jerusalem   (09.11.18)
some commentators are really mean to Mr. Yaron, have some respect! You don't have to agree with him. It is so insensitive to write such comments to a person,,,,,, especially to a person who is of senior age. what a shame... Mr Yaron don't listen to them . keep writing whatever you want and I wish you good health and all the best
ED. U .CATOR ,   SAFED EDUCATION   (09.12.18)
16. Sad, lying, Stalinist London peddling agitprop as if the
Berlin wall was still standing....
Pathetic little creep.
Crawl back under your rock!
17. It's not an educated minority problem.
Brad ,   USA   (09.12.18)
An educated minority which is peaceful and law abiding, is no problem. It's an educated Muslim terrorist minority that's the problem. The problem is rectified by removing Muslims from Israel, and from all western countries for that matter. It's a hard thing to do because of the requirement to lie in Islam. But it's got to be done.
18. I thought the lunatic left was dead in Israel
Howard Immanuelson   (09.13.18)
I guess that the author is amongst the remnants of the remaining lunatic left.
19. No Israel isn't giving up being a Jewish state
Mordechai   (09.13.18)
Amazing how the lefts articles all end the same way. Israel must give up being a Jewish state. In this case Israel is racist because it gives full equal rights to its minority population so they are bound to use their education to attempt to destroy the state.

Who else used this argument of the left. Kahane. So if you were offended by this as when Kahane says it you should be equally offended when leftist London says it.
20. Real "Dillema " Continued Post Zionist Domination of Media
Likud"sBetrayal ,   Jerusalem Israel   (09.15.18)
Poor bewildered Israeli Public asks its' "Rightist" Government why oh
why over the many years its been in power it never initiated a
Conservative Zionist Television Channel and in fact at every opportunity
puts stumbling blocks in any such attempt ?!! The Israeli Rightist Conservative Public now knows they have been lied to over and over again as to just
what the Likud really represents . All four of the major mainline television
stations both in their news programs and popular culture content spit
in the face of the political and religious beliefs of the majority of Israeli citizens 24/7 and the Likud's response .........?!! Hello hello ..?
the silence is deafening......

21. Whose Photo? Certainly not London today Photo Shopped...
PhotoShopped ,   Jerusalem Israel   (09.15.18)
Pompous Arrogant Foul Mouthed bloated Self Hating Ogre
22. old arguments in new format which divide Am Israel
Avram Goldsmith ,   Toronto -Kiriat Gat   (09.17.18)
The fact is if take one terrorist in environment of Arab "intellectuals" ( Which doesn't add any values to personality core) as size doesn't matter , all become terrorists.
Where is Arab intellectual to criticize their Knesset Rep, or Abbas, Hamas etc!!!The just take advantage of economical boom in Israel, and pull out your argument out fro Haridi Sector , because you are an IGNORANT to undersatnd their role in Israel fabric, is Yom Kipur AND SHOULD ASK FORGIVENESS FROM THEM????
23. It depends...
Farid H. ,   Germany / Morocco   (09.20.18)
It isn't only a matter of education, it is also a matter of what they learn. E.g. educating an engineer, but neglecting to also educate him/her in humanities, history, ethics, etc. would at best create a good engineer, and at worst an inhuman very efficient enemy. Education is good, but it has got to be in such a way as to generate loyalty and empathy.
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