Palestinians turn to ICC over West Bank village demolition
Associated Press, Ynet
Published: 11.09.18, 16:10
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1. Kangaroo court.
Brad ,   USA   (09.11.18)
The ICC has no sovereignty, no jurisdiction, no power, and no brains. The ICC is nothing. Israel shouldn't be paying any attention to the ICC. It's a waste of time and money. Demolish the stinking Muslim terrorist village already, and pay no attention to what the Muslim terrorists say. Pay no attention to what any Jew haters say.
2. that’s really funny average Palestinian hates Bedouin
Trying2CutOffJeruslm ,   Jerusalem   (09.11.18)
I see they threw in an Anti Semitic Greek Orthodox Priest for
good measure Greek Orthdox Patriach to Arafat “
we share your loathing of the people that killed our lord”
3. A non-state turns to an international organization regarding
NadavKatz   (09.11.18)
a the governance of a territory by the State of Israel, while
doing so contrary to signed agreements with the State of
Israel not to act in such a way. The Palestine Liberation
Organization (PLO) has opted to become a non-relevant entity
whose days on earth are numbered.....
4. the invented refugee are whining as usual
C   (09.11.18)
they are whining about a few houses illegally built being moved from one
place to a nearby place.
they are running to the icc which has no jurisdiction in the matter and
which is essentially moribund.
5. US paid PA billions in cash. PA treated US so bad. The burn
Eden   (09.12.18)
They burn the US flag. It’s been going on for years.
6. ARABS ARE NOT "PALESTINIANS" !!!! (Details inside)
Rotem N.   (09.12.18)
The term "Palestine" is an old and known Roman lie, but Arabs as "PaIestinians" - is the greatest fraud in mankind history!
Who are these people in actual, where did they come from, when an under what circumstances - in this article:

JUDEA & SAMARIA - that's a ridge of mountains, not a bank!!
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