Palestinian arrested for impersonating American Jew
Ahiya Raved
Published: 11.09.18, 20:32
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1. Julius the Baltimaggot impersonates Jews all the time
A ,   OutThere   (09.11.18)
10 years isn't enough for that white trash.
2. so much 4 USA security & Israeli security!
tell me again how this fellow managed this impersonation for so long?!
3. I speek da gud inglish ,chaver.
GOOD AT OMAR ,   JERICHO USA   (09.12.18)
I em an american jew, my name is Omar end I wont to be the next POTUS .
4. How did he provide the "Proof of Judaism"....
NYNY   (09.12.18)
which for about ten years now is required for residency?
5. there are olim chadashim worst than this man
oleh   (09.13.18)
but they get documents to start a new life in a new country anyway.
I met a lot of story tellers at mercaz klitah, and all places in Israel.
Just saying...
6. his partner? Is he gay? Like in that movie "out in the dark?
7. God forbid he impersonates American Holiness.
NYNY   (09.13.18)
Really so what? Even real American immigrants receive almost nothing in rights and benefits. So with none of these rights, without an inspected Teudat Zeut what does he get, he could even bring into Israel a blender without paying the normal duties and taxes. He was just a poser and again so what.
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