Bolton takes aim at Palestine Liberation Organization, ICC
Reuters, Ynet
Published: 11.09.18, 19:52
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1. @#$% Hole
Chino   (09.11.18)
Israel is dragging USA into a !@#$ hole.
2. Erekat the Barking Kat is not for sale but for suicide bombs
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (09.11.18)
3. a Prez with zero tolerance for this ICC nonsense
Cameron   (09.11.18)
Will not indulge it in the slightest.

Yet more foolish BS tossed right out the window in these days of the Trump.

Our days of strength & wisdom as a nation hath returned.
4. Salaries
Peter van Schie ,   Spijkenisse   (09.11.18)
"Overall, the decision puts the health of 5 million
Palestinians at risk.”
What has been put at risk are the fat salaries of
the PLO leaders!
5. Harsh and ill-conceived
Gene Graczyk ,   Santa Rosa CA   (09.12.18)
John Bolton and our clownish president have absolutely no idea how to facilitate peace in the Near East. Closing diplomatic centers, withdrawing vital humanitarian aid and challenging international courts will only bolster the already widely held perception that Trump and Kushner will do Bibi's bidding just as they do Putin's. In two months, we will vote in a new Congress that will check this careening administration and, hopefully, after due process, eliminate this cancer on our body politic. Mr. Bolton would do well to consider how much Bush's foreign policy achieved in Iraq including torture and widespread corruption. He is well on his way trying to do the same now.
7. Bolton takes aim at PLO, ICC , KFC .
8. Finally the Liberal fascists are taken to task!
9. "Load, aim & FIRE"!!! Thank you Mr.Bolton/ Trump.
10. Main Arab States need peace but Pals selfishly prevent peace
Alan ,   SA   (09.12.18)
But time is here that the Main Arab States are thinking why sacrifice their own interests to help Pally selfishness.. Those States have Iran, dwindling oil reserves and above all millions and millions of people under age of 18 -30 who need jobs and facilties.. It is a no brainer for them! Hence so much contact and co operation with Israel behind the scenes.
11. Increase anger and poverty huh?
Brad ,   USA   (09.12.18)
Bull. "Palestinians" want money, and they also want the distruction of Israel and the U.S. Their "poverty" is inflicted by their own actions and the actions of their Muslim terrorist brethren. Their "anger" is the direct result of Islamic dogma and anti-Semitism taught to them since birth. Let the fake court of fake justice with their over fed members pay their own way. Thank you Trump and Bolton.
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