A list of issues Israeli public had to face in the past year
Shai Cohen
Published: 12.09.18, 00:08
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1. The last Gaza war was triggered by 3 yeshiva boys murdered
Eden   (09.12.18)
They made a call to the police. The police ignited the call. Where was the investigation.

Erdan and Shaked want to change the law to de criminalize marijyana. It’s a filthy dangerous illegal mind changing drug. Please tell them both to get out of our government.

The housing market. It’s KKL selling to Kablanim and the poor man in the street is at the mercy of their prices. Land. There is so much and it’s an exclusive club given to developers. Many young professional families are leaving abroad. The govt is a failure.

We have much to thank PM. But the people he put In charge are failures.
2. One Israeli enterprise always gets resources
Lorraine   (09.12.18)
Whatever economic or security problems may loom in various sectors of the country, one arena is always well-supplied: the settlements. Illegal outposts are made legal by stealth--with resources paid for by the Israeli taxpayer. if an outpost has to be dismantled because it is found to have been built on private Palestinian land, the wailing settlers have to be re-housed and then re-settled at public expense. All of this happens while, for example, there are no adequate shelters in the north. This is not just neglect--it is criminal--it is theft, not only from Palestinians, but from Israeli taxpayers. And it is also profoundly stupid--and destructive to the whole state of Israel.
Filthy streets with litter carelessly discarded ,plastic bottles ,cups and tissues and cigarettes, inconsiderate drivers blasting their horns 24/ 7 , young idiots playing loud pop music and shopworkers jumping on you the second you enter a shop are just some of the annoyances in Israel.
4. When Hamas members are treated at Israeli hospitals don't co
ab   (09.12.18)
-mplain about queues to health care. Pals have the priority
5. Truth Hurts
Disillusioned   (09.12.18)
This is painfully the reality. But more painful is that a small majority of the population originate from non- democratic countries and vote not on issues, but on entrenched tradition. Voting for Mr All-Gab-and-no-Action is done purely on auto pilot and they cannot envision change.

These are people easily persuaded to go on buying the fear he peddles, and the image he works hard to project of being the "tough guy" and they don't see that it's all a con. Not even watching him turn into power-mad dictator triggers warning flashes.

For such people, sadly, only massive shock will wake them up in the worst possible way The way things are going, that may not be so far away.
6. keep voting for bibi
joe   (09.15.18)
And he will insure your taxes will go into the defense budget for the manufacturing of conflict.
7. a "normal" country
newyorker ,   NYC   (09.14.18)
so went the Zionist dream, a normal country with Jewish policemen, Jewish street cleaners, etc.; and so here it is; as over time the passions and commitment that drove the first waves of immigrants vanish, that memories fade, altruism dies, and we become more comfortable, lazy, materialistic, mindless, like the Americans we so insanely worship and emulate, the more "normal" we have become; just as in the US, we are rotting from the inside out; read the prophets and their laments about life in ancient Israel; what has 2000 years in exile taught us? round and round we go....
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