Opinion  Noah Klieger
Shutting Palestinian offices in Washington long overdue
Noah Klieger
Published: 12.09.18, 23:38
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1. Why dosn't he close down all the Neo Nazi offices as well
Verbat ,   planet   (09.13.18)
Why not because they support him but make no mistake the majority of Jews in America don't support the racist liar. Good that he closed the PLO terrorist office but it's all about saving money not because what it represents. I'm sure he'll try and cut military spending on Israel but us Jews in America will make sure it won't happen.
2. Uhhhh... doesnt israel suck up tons of us taxpayer money?
Ted ,   Ny   (09.12.18)
How do your settlements benefit us?
3. Author. Yr writing is exact. Govt ppl resign then attack
Eden   (09.13.18)
The very pm who for years gave them a job and they agreed to work. When they don’t get what they want. They slander. Attack and some become state witnesses.

Like him or not. No I dislike the behavior of his wife and son. But they are not the man we voted for. Our PM has done an incredible job and we owe him so much gratitude.
4. Thank you President Trump
Natalya Orvitz   (09.13.18)
5. The offices of the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO)
Nadav Katz   (09.13.18)
in Washington, DC should not have been opened in the fist place. The PLO has become the only terrorist organization permitted to establish offices at the heart of the US's capital city from which to spout both Antisemitic/Anti-Jewish racist and anti-American propaganda. It was "politically correct" to permit its leaders to do so. It is finally over and that which has been "politically correct" in the past is no more. All decent people should be bless the move by the present administration to close, for good, this site.
6. Why should Pals sit at negotiating table?
Sam ,   Montreal   (09.13.18)
Palestinians reject a Jewish state. So, what do you want them to negotiate? Either force them to accept Israel or shut up. So far cutting their money and embassy hasn't worked. Try something else.
7. Obamaoids will go to their graves swearing Hussein was all
"Peace & goodwill" towards Jews and Trump is a deranged individual.
8. What is long overdue is the truth: There're no Palestinians.
9. The PLO has did it.....!!!!!
claudio ,   nahariya   (09.13.18)
The offices were not a consulate or an embassy, they don't recognize the Israel State gov and didn't create their own country in more than 28 years.....every at the expenses of the American people.......
Trump has said : Enough!!!
The loosers: all the Palestinian civilians that awaited too much to obtain a country and are suffering their blind and brainless leaders
10. The Hoax that is Palestine
Disillusioned   (09.13.18)
Who and where else is there a people declared a "State" when there is no specific country, with no drawn borders?

What sort of daft, twisted logic got the entire United Nations to agree that a self-declared nation - all of whom were previously known either as "Arabs", be they from the Egyptian, Saudi or Jordan region - are a State? A state is another word for country. There is no country - and certainly no country on which all these so-called "Palestinians" agree.

It certainly is not possible to have a single state that is on two different sides of the Israeli borders. Even if there was an agreement reached with, say, Mr No (Abass), the followers of Hamas would not accept it, so they would then demand their own "Palestinian' state on the southern border. And were they to agree -- a most unlikely scenario -- how does this "state" get be governed? By the PA on the eastern border and the opposing Hamas on the southern border? How do they cross from area to area, if not via Israel in-between, or do they intend to use helicopters as a means of independent travel

Prior to the 1967 war, they lived in areas under the jurisdiction of Egypt and Jordan. Jordan itself was a created country for the purpose of separating the new Jewish state from the Arab peoples - some of whom fled, and approximately 30,000 who were, admittedly, pushed out as the Jewish army advanced towards Jerusalem in 1947?

For them, there was an option: Jordan. But they fled towards other countries - and, rejected by those, some settled in Gaza. Gaza itself was an amalgamation of Egyptians and Saudis prior to the arrival of the former residents of Mandate Palestine.

Wherever those refugees went, they caused problems for the regions they arrived in, and they have done exactly the same for more than 70 years, refusing to get over their past and move forward. The Jews did it. The Armenians did it. The citizens of Alsace and Lorraine, victims of a war between France and Germany, did it. The Bosnians and Serbs have done it, and the Turks also gave up on their ill-gotten territories: South Syria, parts of what became Lebanon and Israel (among others). There is a price for making war, but the only people who refuse to accept that their aggression is the cause of their situation has been played and played - and bought, hook line and sinker. Or, rather, by an underlying theme that has been there all along: it is their inability to accept Jews as free people, no longer subjected to their begrudging "goodwill" to stop using them as scapegoats for all their ills.

The Arab nations conspired together - with the newly arisen "Palestinian resistance" movement leaders - to crush Israel another way: to de-legitimize Jewish origins in a land in which they were present for thousands of years. And who conspired with them? The whole world as they lost their favorite victims and couldn't bear to see them succeed.

They talk of "Jewish conspiracies"? There is nothing quite like this "Palestinian"one. But the reality is that consecutive Jewish governments are also to blame, for being too arrogant and cock-sure to have taken the threat seriously from the very beginning. It's more than just "terrorism". It's an invasion in the planning, and there's a long road ahead. It can't be done properly so long as Israel has a disconnected prime minister, who has split - and virtually destroyed - its foreign department, and is too busy putting out the fires of never-ending scandals and investigations.
11. Noah Klieger, excellent: there is no Palestinian state
C   (09.13.18)
the palestinian refugees are invented by the arabs and their supporters.
no other group of refugees have had their numbers hugely increased
after seventy years--only the arab palestinians.

noah klieger, may you have a very long and blessed life.
12. Excellent parallelism with Israeli Ex-mil-sec staff
Avram Goldsmith ,   Toronto -Kiriat Gat   (09.13.18)
And this bi-polar character should be shut down as they use the sensitive info for political gain, should be restrict any other public service for 5-10 years .
Too often those elements have narrow vision in overall geopolitical assessment and are not TEAM PLAYER to interact on wide and long run situations, as political science should the most of the skill required????Too often rely ONLY on leader with military background which run the country like as the army??? Too much screw ups???
13. moishe rabeynu
moishe   (09.13.18)
Israel should not be overjoyed with Trump. he has some harsh terms in store for Israel so that he can gloat he is the great dealmaker....even if it causes pain to those involved. like recognition that W. Jerusalem will be a Palestine capital. be careful what you wish for and what you get. and...Trump has no loyalty except to himself. count your fingers when you shake his hand.
14. Kol A Kavod
Ginette Golden ,   Ashkelon   (09.13.18)
Bravo Noah Klieger. Finally someone calling like it really is!
15. Thank you, Trump! Shut down "Palestinian" offices in Israel
Chaim ,   Israel   (09.13.18)
Thank you again, Donald Trump! Trump is shutting down terrorist "Palestinian" offices. But Israel allows them to remain open in our sole tiny Homeland. This is obscene. If you love Israel, DEMAND Bibi immediately shut down all "Palestinian" offices in Israel, including Judea and Samaria.
16. Trump is a Zionist
Chaim Yankel ,   San Diego   (09.13.18)
He has done the "right" thing if he were a Zionist stooge and not President of the US! Or are these now the very same thing?
17. Obama years
Volvi   (09.14.18)
I always knew that Obama's appeasement and capitulation to the so called palestinians was a blessing in disguise. It may not look it from the outset but what it did was to make the pales climb a tree so high that it could not climb down from. They always thought they had the administration in their back pocket who will do the work for them as they get billions $$$. Poof now we have a realist in office and the pales have no where to go, not even down coz they climbed so high. Frakk them they deserve to be blotted out of history. It was always a hoax and just a ploy for their leaders to siphon money.
18. Spellcheck
Me ,   Canada   (09.14.18)
"Moreover, in any event it does not really have the right to exist since there is no state called “Palestine.” This step was needed long ago, but Trump’s predecessor surrendered time and again to Palestinian threats and blackmail, as did almost every other state in the United Nations."

1. The state of Palestine has existed since before World War One, although it is true that is was often part of a bigger empire. This, however, does not undermine or invalidate Palestinian right to self-determination. Just because the United Kingdom was tired of Jewish immigration, an ideology which has no justification, doesn't mean that Israel has any right to murder people or displace them.
2. What step? Removing the Palestinian offices? Lack of coherence.
3. Are there any examples or sources that prove the UN has had to "endure" Palestinian "blackmail"? It has to be very grating for them, certainly, having to hear people pleading for the right to be educated instead of starving to death or being shot for walking to school. Poor dears.

"President Trump, who also decided to take severe measures against the International Criminal Court in The Hague—a body which for years has done practically nothing but waste huge sums of money—continued his scrutiny which began a few months ago when, among other things, he canceled aid to various Palestinian institutions, the majority belonging to the refugee organization UNRWA. This group was receiving huge sums from the American taxpayer. "

1. It's almost like the UN isn't completely controlled by the US, huh?
2. It clearly makes sense to deprive millions of people of their access to jobs and basic necessities because it takes money away from the richest country in the world, especially if the country in question has a long history of intervening in "humanitarian" crises. This statement shows a worrying lack of empathy, a trait rather surprising in someone who apparently defends Israel. As everyone knows, Israel prides itself on its cohesion and empathy.

"Until their resignation, no one had any complaints. Only after did they “realize” the mistakes that had been made.
It seems that the exact same thing is happening in Washington. The entire time they enjoy the benefits of their governmental role. Trump was alright from their point of view. When they were forced to resign or when they retired, they suddenly realized that he is a “disaster” and that he the man who will destroy the US. Does this sound familiar to you?"

1. It's compelling, if not worrying, to consider the fact that government workers in both Israel and its mother country, the USA, felt pressed to speak against these actions only after resigning. Did they not feel safe? It's certainly plausible.
2. This paragraph makes no sense in the context of the article.
19. I sincerly hope, that we won't be forced to make"Brave steps
for Piss" (like that arch terrorist Arafat loved to call it) by Mr.Trump.
Let's be honest: his future Library, praising his achievements is closer to his heart than any possible applause from world Jewry...
May i be sorely mistaken!
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