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UN war crimes team documents further Syrian govt. use of banned chlorine
Reuters and Associated Press
Published: 12.09.18, 19:01
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1. Teacher
Abdirahman Mohamed ,   Seattle,WA   (09.12.18)
Have you Israelis ever implement any United Nation's resolutions? The answer is NO,so why talking about United Nations and their reports. Assad doesn't need any chemicals to defeated terrorists and their sponsors.
2. No evidence for a single use of gas,33 masonic fake gravitas
NYNY   (09.12.18)
3. Right a picture of a gassing, a story of....
NYNY   (09.13.18)
suffering, video of dead but pictures, stories and video is proof of nothing they are just pictures, stories and video.
4. #2 & #3: You wish we were as dumb as you: we aren't
solomon ,   NY   (09.14.18)
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