Netanyahu spokesman steps down amid sexual abuse allegations
Itamar Eichner
Published: 13.09.18, 18:33
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1. bibi is a nerd, plain and simple
mark   (09.13.18)
how many advisers of bibi front and center have resigned under some cloud. and bibi says he knew nothing about it. he is simply a nerd, an extremely intelligent person better in a backroom doing history or other academic pursuits.for all of his commando service, he seems to have no instinct whatsoever on how to attack Hamas or Hezbollah. he builds fences, hides behind them and then gives speeches while begging Putin and trump.

In the meantime, Putin relays his intelligence info to the Iranian armed forces who give it to Hezbollah. bibi cannot lead Israel to victory over nasrollah. he simply lacks Sharon's unfolding of maps, driving idf passive generals to get off their defensive thinking and attack the weak points. bibi has no feel for the attacking weak points of the enemy. and attack in force, not the pathetic dribbling of too few forces in predictable fashion where they rush headlong into the teeth of Hezbollah antitank weapons. bibi should give the keys to Bennett. he is simply incapable of a Stalingrad fight to the finish against Hezbollah. he lacks spine period.

Bennett and feiglin have such instinct. if Israelis want to prevail, they should vote for Bennett and feiglin. otherwise, Jews are doomed to defeat and new subjugation.

2. what is wrong with that,David did it with his general's wife
Gabi Sharon ,   Tel Aviv   (09.13.18)
3. If it's a Leftist assassination attempt, then it can easily
be refuted in court.
BTW: the punishment for false accusation of this kind should at least be as severe as for the alleged crime(s)
4. 1or 2 women, but 20????!!!
Talula ,   Tel Aviv   (09.14.18)
Hope you had fun throwing your life down the drain. Hope you like your new label. Disgusting man.
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