American professor detained by Israel in West Bank scuffle
Associated Press, Ynet
Published: 15.09.18, 21:23
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1. The pigsty of Muslim donkeys must be demolished
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (09.15.18)
2. The picture of the village is a worth thousnad words
DOV ,   USA   (09.15.18)
They should consider themselves lucky that they are being relocated. The place is a dump except for the trees.
3. French imbecile,his France deported Roma LEGALLY in France
ab   (09.15.18)
with "illegally built camps" ,why didn't he refuse to eat then ?
4. How wonderful for Frank, the Idiot Professor with dual
citizenship but single (and simple) minded political conviction:
Now he can proudly bear the Badge of Leftist Honor.
He "fought" the Enemy of Useful Enlightenment , fought with his bare hands and solemn platitudes in defense of defenseless, downtrodden "Palestinian" bloodsuckers& terrorists by birth and trade.
Get his sorry ass out of Israel ASAP.
5. SCUMBAG Romano and his buddies must be LOCKED UP and
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (09.15.18)
CONVICTED !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
6. Terrorist supporter scumbag Romano and his accomplices must
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (09.15.18)
be held accountable !!!!!!
7. Universite of Nanterre: LOL ! A lousy university full of..
Andre ,   Clichy France   (09.15.18)
Teaches at Universite Nanterre: a lousy university, 2nd rate in a French university system that has collapsed anyway. Full of left-wing tramps, veiled fatmas, tea-towel toting scumbags... More Algeria than France really. He must be popular there.
8. why are they called activists
C   (09.15.18)
they are enemies of the jewish state of israel.

the bedouin encampment will simply be moved a short distance away.
the encampment is not only illegally built, but the structures are
not even permanent.
the professor is from communist nanterre university.
he is making a fool of himself.
there are millions of people who are starving and without housing
of any kind. if he really wants to be an activist, the professor
should go to yemen where millions of people are actually starving.
of course in yemen the professor would risk his life.
9. Human Rights?
Ed ,   USA   (09.16.18)
Why aren't these so-called activists upset at the conditions in this Bedouin village? Don't these people have the right to live in better circumstances? It seems the Romano and friends will stop at nothing to preserve Palestinean poverty.
10. Steve Benassi
joe   (09.16.18)
why do you sound like a Nazi?
11. C
joe   (09.16.18)
The professor is protesting occupation. You just don't understand. But it's Ok.
12. for ab
joe   (09.16.18)
France also gave Israel its nuclear program. Why are you so ingrate?
13. Chris Rettenmoser
joe   (09.16.18)
You can't convict him. The presence of the IDF in the West Bank is not recognized. I.e., he did not commit a crime in Israel. Smarten up now.
14. Andre of France
joe   (09.16.18)
You are very stupid. Seriously.
15. Foreign invaders supporting stealing Jews land
16. This article
Sam ,   NYC   (09.16.18)
Another western useful putz.
17. It is not a village- its a Bedouin encampment and one of
Naor ,   Jerusalem   (09.16.18)
Several between Jerusalem and the Dead Sea.As far as the Palestinian authority are concerned they can rot - but some bright spark decided to use it as a tool and a bargaining chip for the Palestinian cause and the EU and uncle tom have jumped on the wagon-normally diplomats together with tourists flash by on their way to their hotels and a float in the Dead Sea and don't give it a second glance.Arab MKs like Tibi have suddenly made it the flavour of the month when normally they don't give a monkeys whether the inhabitants live or die.Of course the usual media trolls that live off this website and wouldn't recognise a Bedouin if they sat on them love to scream apartheid and war crimes but would complain if they moved in next door and lowered the price of their house.They are living without amenities and are bring moved to a better site and probably when spring comes around again they'll leave again.
18. Bedouins are no invaders, they predated Jews by 2000 yrs
Shela Ramon ,   Tel Aviv   (09.16.18)
19. Nanterre
C   (09.16.18)
the late sweet professor paul ricoeur was physically attacked at nanterre
during the student riots of 1968. he was referred to as an old clown
by know nothing students.
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