IDF to examine parole requests of terrorists who serve life sentences
Elisha Ben Kimon, Yoav Zitun
Published: 16.09.18, 09:23
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1. No wonder Ron Arad is still missing,IDF honchos have abando-
ab   (09.16.18)
-nned him, they care for terrorists instead
2. IDF is turning against the people of Israel
C   (09.16.18)
how is it possible to even comment on this.

terrorists are not ordinary criminals.
terrorists are illegal combatants.
in the case of israel, terrorists want to destroy the entire jewish state.
terrorists who were released in the past returned to terrorism.

would the idf release members of the islamic state, al queda,
it is the case that in times of war, enemies who are captured
are not released until the end of hostilities.
in the case of enemies who commit war crimes and crimes
against humanity, they are put in front of military tribunals
and their cases are adjudicated in accordance with the
nuremberg laws.
3. If Lieberman said so, be sure it'll be the very opposite!
4. Examine WHAT: if they're innocent?!
5. solution
caleb afendopoulo ,   meron   (09.16.18)
in as much as they are murderers why not just execute them. they will most likely return to terrorism in any case.
6. A true christian habit
Alexander Scheiner ,   ZY, Israel   (09.16.18)
forgive your enemies. Even if they murdered your own children.

I understand that the criminal sect "Saintolotchi" and some Christian missionary sects has or had some influence in the IDF, but this is stupid.

7. mr
david david ,   bkln   (09.16.18)
IDF and defense ministe shmeckels and poodles of the treasoner PM who is elling out secuit 4 the jews
8. I agree to it but only for those that became uber-Zionists!
9. The only thing they should shorten...
Ari ,   Israel   (09.16.18)
is their life, not their life sentence!
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