Hamas welcomes Gush Etzion terror attack
Elisha Ben Kimon
Published: 16.09.18, 17:54
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1. Thus happened just a few days after the putz CIS
Al   (09.16.18)
Goes to skin shvut and lectures young Jewish soldiers to lay down and for.

Fire the god damn cos now.
2. Hamas are happy a father was murdered?
Talula ,   Tel Aviv   (09.16.18)
Of course they are. What they don't accept responsibility for is that this filthy murderous thug probably did it because he has no future and no prospects. Like most of them, murdering Jews is born, not of hate but because they have nothing to live for. Pity Hamas don't recognize that or take responsibility for the dead end no hopers living with nothing.
3. Israeli response : More Gazans allowed to Israeli hospitals,
ab   (09.16.18)
Israelis will never learn and will remain dhimmis
4. criminals
Victor ,   Berlin   (09.16.18)
not one house, the complete village has to be erased.

and all inhabitants sènd to an muslim country of their choise
5. Border Policeman Ben Deri Should be Pardoned
DAVID JACOBS ,   Hasmonaim   (09.16.18)
Part of the blame for the murder of Ari Fuld goes to Supreme Court Justices Noam Salzberg and David Mintz . They knew or certainly should have known when they doubled the sentence of border policeman Ben Deri it would cause the murder of other Israelis and Jews.

6. Castrate arab!
Uzi ,   LOd   (09.16.18)
Kick arab's village out! Give it's houses to Jews!
7. It's not sufficient reason to deny Hamas members medical tre
ab   (09.16.18)
-atment in Israel, Israel's High Court Judges had decided.
8. israel's moral code killing israel
orly   (09.17.18)
for Israel to survive, it will at times have to fight in non conventional ways. for example, if 6 million could have been saved by fighting dirty, would jews have done it?? not according to the court rulings, and not according to lawyers attached to the idf who have Israel fighting with one arm tied behind its back.

the killer in this case should have been wiped out as a message, clear message. instead, he gets great medical care, will have 3 meals a day in a clean cell, with books, tv, internet possibly, tel calls. and he would then likely be released in some years in an exchange. arab prisoners in Israeli jails come out supercharged like yahya sinwar and bargouti if he does get released.

ehud barak, one lousy and weak pm said one thing accurately... there is no mercy for the weak in the middle east. Israel acts very weak.
the idf is considering paroling killers ie early release.
Israel-get serious and stop playing games.
9. Hamas welcomes Gush Etzion terror attack
A ,   OutThere   (09.17.18)
Porky Sherry: "Everything Hamas does is justified". An extra donut to celebrate.
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