Report: US freezes all PLO bank accounts in country
Elior Levy, Itaamar Eichner and Reuters
Published: 16.09.18, 23:42
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1. Each day I'm more happy with the last, why?Trump rocks!!
BBB   (09.16.18)
Gotta love Trump man with huge cojones that go KLANK KLANK when he walks.
2. in such a manner does our Prez step
Cameron   (09.16.18)
He has little patience for Arabs or Europeans in general, and even less when they cop the bad attitude & behavior.

The man does indeed relish giving grief to those that cross him.
3. Zomlot to leave
Franklin Paredes   (09.16.18)
Mr. President is a doer.
4. Once again the sky will fall on our heads just cause
MadDad ,   Johannesburg   (09.17.18)
the Arabs aren’t prepared to comprise their ridiculous demands and expect Israel to make gestures like releasing all terrorist
5. Lost Honor
David Miltier ,   Kibbutz Gat   (09.17.18)
The Arab culture including that in Israel is based foremost on HONOR. The US and Trump Administration has done all in its might to humiliate the Palestinians in an effort to force them to bow down and acquiesce to US/ Israeli dictates. The Palestinians however have remanded steadfast in their refusal to surrender. As a consequence Palestinian honor has increased while that of the US/ Israel has decreased. "Make America Great Again" has become the US/ Israeli disgrace.
6. Terror group ambassador finally sent home as per law...
7. Ashrawi the bigoted hypocrite with zero insight
Ezekiel Haim ,   London   (09.17.18)
See how she complains about the US lack of diplomacy and unilateral actions.These are the modus operandi of the PLO.Diplomacy of terror and murder and unilateral actions at the UN and The Hague.Nashrawi does not like the taste of her own medicine.What a pity.Whom does Nshrawi think is going to shed a tear for her and her ilk.Nashrawi go and cry and moan in private and do not bother us with your dribble.After you had your cry get a counsellor to get some sense in you head before it gets worse for you and your ilk.
8. I’m still NEVER going to vote for T(he)Rump
David T-nek ,   Teaneck   (09.17.18)

He’s still a pathological liar
Sexual predator
Vindictive bully
Emotional quality of a spoiled 6 year old
He’s Never going to make america great

9. Expect Israeli High Court Judges to protest together
ab   (09.17.18)
with Ashravi,after all thy allow families of Hamas members to enter Israel for medical treatment
10. You're fired !!!!!!!!
tiki ,   belgium   (09.16.18)
And Donald Trump is showing them the way....from New York back to Ramallah.!

The arrogant "palestinians" roaming the planet and badmouthing the hand that feeds them have 'again overstepped their value as a gift to the world.

The world can do without them.....and will safe a lot of money by doing so.

The Donald is showing the world how it is done!

11. More pin ups of Hanan Asrawi please
Alan ,   SA   (09.17.18)
12. President Trump, thank you
C   (09.17.18)
you have shown that indeed, the emperor has no clothes.

these people, the arab palestinians, invented by the kgb, and the
arab leaugue, have been blackmailing the relevant western
powers, including the united states, through vicious threats
of violence to be visited on the countries that refuse the terms
of the blackmail.
for the first time in a long time, the eternal jew has a country
of his own, an army and intelligence services, an independent
ability to develop advanced weapons produced by indigenous
your support, mr. president, of the tiny jewish state is much
israel is a close ally of the united states with
13. Good News!
A Simple Jew ,   Beer Sheva   (09.17.18)
Glad Trump is throwing out the PA. They are just terrorists who have figured out how to live on our money. Good riddance!
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