Russia blasts Israel's 'deliberate provocation' after Syria attack
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Published: 18.09.18, 11:21
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1. Best solution is forRussia to tell Assad to kick out Iranian
Alan ,   SA   (09.18.18)
Russia ALWAYS says that only Assad can tell Iran to leave Syria... so Russia should tell Assad to tell Iran to leave.I dont understand why,if Iran is in Syria to kill ISIS do they try to set up bases to fight Israel!
2. Mr.
Roland ,   London   (09.18.18)
Do they mean an appropriate response to Syria's plane mis-hap or the appropriate Israeli response to unpeacefulwar-like intentions on Israel by the Assad regime.Politics and warfare can be 'dirty' but Russia should not deem itself above board by aid thi (poisonous Gs)regimeregime.
3. Blame Moyshe for something Vladimir is responsible for?!
4. Keep barking
Rami ,   Helsinki   (09.18.18)
What is next? Pogroms? Bibi should do what Erdo did and apologize or do not the same rules apply to Jews. Russians need to save face. Erdogan understood this better than Bibi.
5. Russian deliberately planning to help destroy Israel
Iran'sDefender ,   Jerusalem Israel   (09.18.18)
Long overdue to call out Russia for its help in the planned destruction
of the Jewish Homeland its been providing cover for the shipments
of tens of thousands of missiles brought in by Iran for the sole purpose
of Israel's destruction. What the hell else is Russia in this Middle East
"Backyard" for if not for this purpose. He is an ex Communist follower
of the Self Hating Jew Marx and of the Anti Semitic Stalin now adding
to this toxic cocktail his support of the anti Semitic Russian Orthodox Church the
remaining 175,000 Jews had better start packing their suitcases and
make Aliyah to Israel
6. 1 minute warning in todays hi Tech world is a lifetime
PutinNoFriendofJews ,   Jerusalem Israel   (09.18.18)
of warning . Finally Israel may have to have the guts to call out Russian for
its unswerving support of Iran and Syria whose goal is and always has been the destruction of the Jewish Homeland. Israel has been "pussyfooting " around
this serious issue for decades not it may be forced to call Russia out !
7. Downing of a Russian Il-20
Franklin Paredes ,   Quito   (09.18.18)
Not wise from the Israel:
1. June 1967 attack on the Liberty, and Israel is not to blame?
2. Attack that downed a Russian plane, and Israel is not to blame?

Better to say sorry and now!
8. Downing of a Russian plane
Franklin Paredes   (09.18.18)
1. Remember the US liberty June 1967
9. Israel will have to pay the price for militaristic terrorism
ironbutterfly   (09.18.18)
and it will pay. One way or another. when the time is right, at the right place.
10. Mr.
Robert McKenzie ,   Nathalie   (09.18.18)
Potential combatants test the bounds of near-war leading to Yom Kippur, a time of repentance. An all-out war is only barely suppressed. How long can Israel defend itself if the USA does not equally commit ? Overwhelming is the prospect of defeat but, none can oppose the God of heaven, turn now from war and cry to heaven for the promised-One, Messiah.
11. Russia shouldn't be in Syria.Now they got the message.
BBB   (09.18.18)
Russia gets a taste of her own medicine.
The Russians should take a hint and split.
12. #6 Looks like 15 Russians died due to Israel's pussyfooting.
BBB   (09.18.18)
I have the feeling Russia doesn't like Israel pussyfooting.
13. #4 Rami You're nuts.
BBB   (09.18.18)
14. Glad the Russian plane went down.
BBB   (09.18.18)
15. 15 Russian child killing BASTARDS are gone for good !!!!!!
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (09.18.18)
16. moishe rabeynu
moishe   (09.18.18)
if you meddle you will get hurt. chances it will blow over. Putin uses Israel to keep others in line. Putin will not invade Israel. does not have ability to block Israel. does not want to get in deeper as casualties will make problems at home. we shall see.
17. Russia is nothing but a troublemaker.
Brad ,   USA   (09.19.18)
It's been the same thing since 1917 when the Marxists transformed it into a toilet. Russia is the reason that the Middle Eastern Muslims have nukes today. It's about time Russia did some of the suffering for a change. They've certainly got it coming. Syria can't find its rear end with a funnel and Russia blames Israel. Dangerous situation? Ha! To hell with Russia.
18. Wait a minute
Ruben ,   Turku   (09.18.18)
Russia is basically saying that because of those alawite morons could not tell a difference between F-16 and IL-20 it was possible for Israel to use IL-20 as a shield and thus Israel is to blame. It has nothing to do with Assad appointing morons in SAA command posts based on tribal and ethnic loyalties.
19. IFF system right
Ruben ,   Turku   (09.18.18)
It is much easier to blame Jews than to admit that alawite losers do not know how to operate air defense system. Where is the evidence that Israel even knew that it was a Russian plane they were using as a shield.
20. Russian spy plane IL-20 was downed by Syrian missiles
C   (09.18.18)
on who was russia spying.
since the aircraft, a sophisticated spy plane was shot down just near latakia,
chances are the russians were spying on the american armada assembled
in the eastern mediterranean or/and israel.

the russians should stop spying on friendly countries while supporting the
genocidal assad and his equally genocidal iranian patrons.
russia is creating enemies left and right, while it could have a peaceful
prosperous nation.
21. syrian hands launched antiaircraft that downed russian plane
martin   (09.18.18)
russia can spin it any way they want-it was their syrian allies who shot down russian plane.israel had nothing to do with it..
22. expressing regret is one thing, kissing rear ends is another
boris   (09.18.18)
Israel expressed regret over the loss of Russian soldiers caused by Syrian antiaircraft fire. but grovelling is another thing. bibi is now in begging mode offering to send the head of the air force to Moscow with explanations. he will do anything to satisfy the Russian bear.

this grovelling seems to be a mechanism for bibi to cover up his cowardice. and this cowardice did not start recently. it has been with him for a long long time and it never leaves him. the idf should have noticed this long ago. i don't blame him for it but he never should have been retained as a commando in my judgement.
23. If Russia didn't want its planes to be shot down,
Brad ,   USA   (09.20.18)
They should've stayed out of trouble and left Israel be. To be shot down is the only real purpose for Russian planes.
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