Hamas ramps up pressure to resume negotiations
Elior Levy
Published: 20.09.18, 10:40
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Robert ,   israel   (09.20.18)
These useful idiots are worth no more than $ 200.- How little a Muslim life is worth !!!
2. Close Karmi crossing , don't be a sheep
ab   (09.20.18)
3. How Hamas do negotiations
Sammy ,   Newcastle   (09.20.18)
Continue to instigate, coerce or bribe their diminishing 'band of followers' in Gaza to risk their lives to penetrate the border fence

To what end?

To try to show just how 'clever' they are?

Rather it reinforces more and more the notions to Gazans that Hamas are MANIPULATIVE, CORRUPT, MORALLY BANKRUPT, HEARTLESS, RUTHLESS, PSYCHOPATHIC and above all CLUELESS on the way forward for Gaza

4. pensioner
PermReader   (09.20.18)
The talks about talks helps hamas,creates violence - no talks open or secret with hamas!
5. Gazans- open your eyes
Chaim Yankel ,   New York   (09.20.18)
Gazans, do you avert your eyes from the villas and opulence that the Hamas leadership has along the seaside? Where do you think they got the money? They adopted the African plan. Africa has received BILLIONS and what have they got to show for it? Villas and opulence but only for the people in power. Gaza, are you as stupid as the Africans that vote and support these people who pick your pocket to live a rich life? I don't think so. It only takes one to start a revolution. Gaza, you can do better than these Hamas crooks.
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