Palestinians: Teen killed during Gaza border riots
Published: 20.09.18, 08:51
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1. When playing with fire, the fire may consume you!! The Arabs
NadavKatz   (09.20.18)
know it, but insist on playing with fire. I suggest to them, move away from the border.
2. Crybabies.
Brad ,   USA   (09.20.18)
Muslims warring against Israel and other non-Muslims, and then whining when they get hurt or killed. Let Muslim violence and chaos come down on their own heads more and more.
3. I wonder will the pals stop sending their teens
BBB   (09.20.18)
to the border in hopes they'll die for the martyrs benefits now that President Trump has ended all funds to these human lice?
Looks like Israel got all the brains and victories while the pals got the problems of losing and the shaft?
4. #1 Yes Nadav and send the all the Arabs to hell.
BBB   (09.20.18)
Only Arabs willingly force their kids to die for a 'martyrs' retirement fund to die for cash some Muslim BS.
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