8 EU countries urge Israel to reconsider village demolition
Associated Press
Published: 21.09.18, 12:23
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1. Why should we, so they can feel "righteous", these pricks?!
2. Jerusalem is the eternal capital of the Jews
Boaz   (09.21.18)
Europe since 1945 is in no position to lecture the Jews.
3. The European Warmongers
Gavriel Rechov ,   Savannah, GA - US   (09.21.18)
The stubborn support of Western Europe for the Palestinian cause is the reason why peace negotiations will remain impossible.

Only when the Arabs realize that the Palestinian state will never become a reality, only when they become aware that there is no hope that any of the next American presidents could be more radical than Obama, it will be when they sit down to negotiate a reasonable peace treaty.

The demolition of this town is a wonderful opportunity to tell Europeans that they are absolutely wrong pursuing the war against the Jews.
4. For each of these anti Israeli nations
BBB   (09.21.18)
opposing the law in Israel should be made to allow the 'palestinians' to immigrate into THEIR nations and allow them a portion of THEIR land as a capitol for the terrorists pals.
5. Repeating delusions as truth does not make it credible.
Robert Blum ,   New Albany   (09.21.18)
A two state solution is a delusion of the the Leftist-Liberals. The 'Charter' of Hamas has always stated unambiguously thet its goal is to destroy EVERY Jew world-wide, so as to establish a caliphate with their 'Caliiph-demon-"messiah", and to gain the entirety of the land of Israel, in contradiction of their unholy Qoran which at least states that Israel belongs to the Jews, a statement ignored universally by its adherents. "Peace" is subjectively defined by Islam as something completely opposite and foreign to the understanding of its inherent definition outside of the tentacles of Islam. Islam is a most insideous cancer in each and every country it invades and infests itself into. There can never be a two stae solution with Islam, because Islam's solution is an uncompromising, hate-filled agenda of murder. It thinly veils its objectives behind double-talk and false representations of victimization, which the Leftist-Liberals accept as truth.
6. EU wants to cut Israel of from Dead Sea and Jordan Valley
EUseeksOurDemise ,   Jerusalem   (09.21.18)
Or first step towards national suicide of the Jewish Homeland
No end to Europe’s and much of the worlds hate of Jews
A hostile Palestinian village will grow to a city rocks then Molotov Cocktails
Will begin their assault on Jewish civilian traffic and the 50,000
Jews living along that strategic route Theresa May just said she would stand by Israel and Jews only a few days ago and today she proposed our destruction ...we can only depend on ourselves for our security and future there can be no return to ghetto Auschwitz borders !
7. Half of Poland is Germa,with indegenious population expelled
ab   (09.21.18)
Now she preaches to Israel..
France expelled Roma legally in France and bulldozed their camps.
Not a word on pals burning Israel from Gaza-this doesn't "contradict 2 State"
Britain bulldozed camps of Travellers,as British as May or Johnson,pure racism..
Now all these hypocrites preach to Israel
8. It's the law
Benny Jacobs ,   Israel   (09.21.18)
This is a Court ruling and how dare any other democratic country try to interfere. It is none of their business. Hopefully our government won't chicken out this time. NO APPEASEMENT
9. Our impartial Europeans 'friends'.
tiki ,   belgium   (09.21.18)
"We will not give up on a 2-state solution .....with JERUSALEM as the shared capital of Israel and the future country called palestine".

"For us negotiation is superfluous".

Advise to the Dutch ambassador.
Make Amsterdam the shared Muslim capital of the Netherlands.

To the Belgium ambassador.
Brussel is already lost anyway, so call it the capital of the European Caliphate.

These arrogant assholes know no shame!

10. Eurabia will find its demise soon.
70 years of peace and exceptional opportunities squandered. Soon, it will become again what it was for +2k years, the ground of countless wars. all of this, because it has, once again, revived antisemitism. we heard you, EU. And we will deliberately ignore your inappropriate meddling into our judicial and democratic process.
11. Cowardly EU seeks to appease tyrants at Jews' expense
Chaim ,   Israel   (09.21.18)
The EU is up to its same old sick tricks. Trying to appease tyrants at the expense of Jews. This tiny land is ours now and forever. Israel needs to tell the EU where to go. Perhaps politely, but very firmly.
12. I invite the EU ambassadors to review international law!!
NadavKatz   (09.22.18)
tInternational law, including UN Charter, article 80, defines the whole of the area located between the Jordan River and the Med. Sea, between the Hermon Mountain and the Red Sea, with Jerusalem at its heart, "the national home of the Jewish people" and only that of the Jewish people.

It is high time that Europe - that had set out to hunt us, Jews, down for centuries and wipe us off the face of earth - gave up and ceased hunting us down into our national home of the past 4,000 years, located on a different continent.

Shame on you, EU, for perpetuating the deeply rooted Antisemitism/Anti-Jewish racism while still seeking our final solution while having renamed it "two-state solution". Shame on you!! (Nadav Katz)
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