Syria releases footage of Latakia airstrike destruction
Daniel Salami
Published: 21.09.18, 17:38
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1. Putin knows well that Russian Airforce is lying thru teeth
Alan ,   SA   (09.21.18)
I read report of how unprofessional was the whole Russian and Syrian side. Now the Russians are covering up their mess with lies so they can feed their public a sanitised version blaming Israel . They are liars of unbelievable magnitudeThey are furious that IAF doesnt very kindly take the blame and absolve them and Syrians.!!!!.At least Pres Putin SEEMS to understand the whole story and refuses to take up the pack of lies he is being fed from his generals in Syria. PUTIN KNOWS THE TRUTH.! and so do we all
2. Operations that damage the sovereignty of Syria.-Russia sez
Alan ,   SA   (09.21.18)
What sovereignty does Syria have... The Russians+Americans+Kurds +Turks +Iranians +Afghans +Iraqis +Isis +Nusra/AQ etc etc.A whole country in ruins pleading for reconstruction help
3. Loks like a typical Sukkah !
4. doutfull that this is the building
jore ,   la   (09.21.18)
5. An Iranian shithouse fallen apart...LOL
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (09.22.18)
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