Despite Israeli version, Kremlin blames IAF for plane downing
Published: 23.09.18, 11:59
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1. Mr.
Roland ,   London   (09.23.18)
It doesn't make sense...A Russian airoplane as a shield for Israeli airforce,but despite this the Syrians shot down a Russian plane in the vicinity.The Syrians were unable to acknowledge an Israeli (Russian Plane} but shot down a Russian plane in the vicinity.Not good eye sight on behalf of the Syrian sharp shooters,but quick on the panic button.Russia should haul those responsible over the coals.
2. Just what gives the Russians the "right" to be there!
Alfredo ,   Raanana   (09.23.18)
3. The one who is not listening...
MrReason ,   Berlin   (09.23.18)
The one who is not listening has to feel. Israel is caught in between many countries and still has to guard its national interests, safety and security. Russia is not some country. Russia is tightly connected to Israel's past and future. It is I.e. a much more natural partner Israel's, than USA. But in any case, Israel will have to learn that it can't deal with Russia with less attention, than to its possibly falsely perceived main ally USA.
4. Kremlin blames IAF for plane downing
lazerbenabba ,   London, England   (09.23.18)
Whatever the reasons for the downing of the Russian spy in the sky, the fact remains that it was a Syrian missile provided by Russia that caused the incident.
When you use missiles as artillery en masse then the expectation is that there will be unforseen results; the lack of ability by the Syrian opeatives in that no IDF plane was touched clearly illustrates the incompetence of the Syrians and the ineffectual nature of the missiles to identify friend or foe which are essential in such a crowded air space and are an imperative as used by the IDF and the US.
Perhaps the Russians would be better advised to supply only pea shooters to the Syrians and if they are so protective of Assad when they bomb and murder their own civilians and the Russian military avoid like the plague the potential of embarrasment if confronting the IDF directly.
5. Konashenkov trying to project his own ass...
Marc ,   Montreal   (09.23.18) cover for both the Syrian and Russian incompetence!
6. Blaming Israel to cover for their own incompetence!
Marc ,   Montreal   (09.23.18)
Most will believe the Israeli account of what happened.
7. Russia bears sole responsibility
this human ,   Notmdwhumanhands   (09.23.18)
by being in Syria defending Assad.
8. Kremel always needs a "Vrag Naroda"(enemy of the people)
Alan ,   SA   (09.23.18)
9. Putin doesnt believe the Russian AF version of events
Alan ,   SA   (09.23.18)
I guess we will see a few transfers of Russian Air force personal to other units
in due course
10. Konashenkov is a liar
Roman ,   St. Petersburg   (09.23.18)
Konashenkov speech is a terrible own goal for integrated Russian Air Defence.
He said that IAF created big deception saying that the attack was at north, not at west . Let's assume that's the logic question is "why Russians didn't react against 4 unidentified fighters that launched many stand off bombs against Latakia ?" Latakia is full of important Russian bases.
Answer : Because they didn't see anything
Really impressive those S-400 )))
The other possibile answer is " Konashenkov you are a liar...and we know that very well since the time of Shayrat missile strike !! ))
11. Not one word of criticism of incompetent Syrians trained by
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (09.23.18)
incompetent Russians
12. Maybe Russia should stop providing a cover to terrorists
Moshe   (09.23.18)
Here is Russia providing a cover for terrorists in Syria. When the terrorists shot down the Russians in desperation, Russia blamed Israel. If Russia wants to stay in Syria then why don’t then ask Iran to leave Syria ? Instead of providing the criminals mullah regime a safe place to build their presence and later attack Israel from? The mullahs are sworn enemies of Israel and there seems nothing that would change their mind about supporting those that desire to destroy it. Not even the interest of their own people.
13. What is Russia doing in Syria
K ,   US   (09.23.18)
Defending that skum Assad
14. Not very good tech
The Istanbulian ,   Istanbul   (09.23.18)
If your missile systems don’t recognize your planes
15. Ruskies not welcome in the area
Joe Fraser   (09.23.18)
16. Russians
Jude ,   Lagos   (09.23.18)
Russians blame of Israel for dawning of her spy plane
Is giving a dog bad name in order to hang it. What
Of the one who pulls the trigger that shot down the
17. A long traditoin of blaming and killing Jews for nothing
jore ,   la   (09.23.18)
We are back and no super-power will be able to take us over without feeling it!
18. Waaa, waaaa.
Brad ,   USA   (09.23.18)
If Russia doesn't like their planes getting shot down, maybe they should butt out of Israel's business. Since Russia is dumb enough to put their planes in harms way, then they deserve to be blasted. They deserve to be blasted anyway.
19. There is an obvious weakness in the friend/foe system
Samek ,   Framingham   (09.23.18)
all antiaircraft rocket systems have, when a Russian rocket destroys a Russian plane.
What will happen in the real combat involving Russian planes when Russian rockets are fired? Or did Syrians disable this system?
20. bolshevicks are back
21. Alexandrovs Red Army Choir catastrophy also Israeli fault no
ab   (09.23.18)
doubt,delicate russkies didn't mention it before
22. From the Anti Semitic Tzars to Anti Semitic KGB’s Putin
“MotherRussia” ,   Jerusalem   (09.23.18)
175,000 Jews left in Russia 50,000 in Ukraine 60,000
In Hungary 20,000 mostly in Poland mostly assimilated or elderly end of the history of the Jews of Central and Eastern Europe. Orthodox and Catholic faithful Anti Semites by DNA 2000 years of hate only the cemeteries will sadly record their presence
23. "Special friend's" art of the deal
Avi L.   (09.23.18)
Now Bibi will learn what "art of the deal " really means.

Albeit the syrian saw for a long time and knew the russian plane was there, they shoot like the morons they are.

And Putin has now an opportunity to pressure Bibi into whatever he wants to

Maybe the other "special friend" the twittosaurus rex, his majesty Donald, will put a good word with his puppeteer ...
24. moishe rabeynu
moishe   (09.23.18)
Putin has to blame Israel to placate anti Semite domestic crowd. external wars create too many casualties in time that create domestic dissent.he is playing the crowd.he is not against Israel for political and diplomatic support reasons. he will now insist on safer rules of engagement with targets. he is dealing with low quality Syria military. expect more incidents in the future. war is never perfect.
25. all knew russia would write such a report
ray   (09.23.18)
netanyahu should give the security portfolio over to bennett. bibi as katz said the other day us a weak man. he is trembling in his boots. regardless of norkin's visit to Moscow. arussia is in bed with Iran Syria and Hezbollah and always has been.

all these years of first the wretched and crooked olmert and his slave livni backed up by ramon, and then bibi with his fear on full display offering concessions has led to bullies demanding ever more from Israel. bibi has this dangerous habit of sweating when ever putin utters a word and then jumps to concessions.stop bending down before bullies.oh i'll send norkin to moscow with all of Israel's sensitive data, anything to avoid the wrath of putin.russia has been playing israel for a sucker all these years.

even now with the Russian report, some Israelis are hinting at restricted freedom to act ie shaleh of labour an ex commando no less, livni who mutters on meaningless bs about the joint struggle, and others like the weak yadlin whse commentaries radiate fear to Moscow.

recall moshe dayan telling the soviets Israel would fight back against mosccow should it attack Israel.shelah is no moshe dayan.

Israel has to do what it has to do and the world has to know it is serious about it.the world has to know that Israel is damn serious. instead it is portrayed as a weakling by first Olmert who should still be in jail but for the rotten court, and now bibi who is paralyzed by fear. it is no use to continue speculating what is causing this fear. perhaps he was born with it. nothing can be done about it. he radiates that fear to Moscow and all adversaries.and that fear is dangerous for Israel.he even raidates fear to hamas.

Lieberman so far is holding together. Israel should never have sent air force chief norkin to Moscow. bibi couldn't help himself. he is as gutless as olmert and livni. he runs crying to Putin and trump.and this is his modus operandus. under pressure he folds over and over again. he is gutless plain and simple.

the idf has to toughen up. it cannot afford to graduate spineless soldiers.
Iranian Jew ,   LALA LAND   (09.24.18)
Mouth. Denying facts is what the VLAD and Mullahs are really good at. Looks like RUSSIA is stuck in Syria and is going to have to choose between the mullahs or Israel soon.

27. There is an obvious weakness in the friend/foe system
Samek ,   Framingham   (09.23.18)
all antiaircraft rocket systems have, when a Russian rocket destroys a Russian plane.
What will happen in the real combat involving Russian planes when Russian rockets are fired? Or did Syrians disable this system?
28. 1 minute warning is inexcusable.Israel did that in purpose..
Kaisei   (09.25.18)
No doubt Israel gave just ONE minute warning, is a total violation of Israel-Russia agreement. Why only 1 minute ? Easy to explain.
Everybody know that Israel is an Washington's puppet in the Middle East.
Since US is currently fighting Russia on different fronts, political, economical, trade...etc, so the idea to create this incident obviously was born in the White House. Israeli planes never until this incident have flown from the SEA into Syria. Always from the SOUTH. Just these examples explain everything why and how Israel has become a terrorist state.
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