Netanyahu: Syria is to blame for downing of Russian plane
Reuters and Moran Azulay
Published: 24.09.18, 20:39
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1. They so deserve each other: Russians/Iranians/Syrians plus
all assorted Muslim losers. All they know (and know well) is to blame everybody& his sister for own impotence, stupidity and general retardation!
2. S-300 iin Syrian hands, it is a legit target for IAF to bomb
If Putin wants to pay for scrap metal, let him do so.
3. Israel should go on another operation before they arrive....
4. prevent satellite communications anyone can do it!
jore ,   la   (09.24.18)
5. Israel's trick was very transparent.
Avi ,   NYC, US   (09.24.18)
1. Informing the Russians about an airstrike in Northern Syria caused the IL-20 to return to its base.
2. Israel then attacks in Western Syria and the airplanes withdraw west.
3. When the IL-20 is descending for landing one of the Israeli F-16 returns east as if for another attack, but when the missiles are fired by the Syrians he positions itself behind the IL-20 who gets shot down.
Israel may cry "blood libel" all day long but it is clear that this was a cold blooded murder.
In the Jewish mythology Ivan is drunk and stupid. In reality Israelis probably going to be spanked or even worse.
6. wasting time begging
martin   (09.24.18)
bibi asks Putin not to supply assad with s300. what a waste of time. Putin is supplying it. bibi's main asset is begging. delivering knockout is not, not for him past present or future. the problem is lack of spine-he doesn't have it and nothing can be done about.

israek should be developing countermeasures to the s300. also it should bring trump into the conversation to block Putin if possible. Russia is only deterred by a strong adversary.

Israel has to be strong. worst case is Israel has to defend itself even against Moscow.

bibi should hand the security portfolio to Bennett and quiet wasting time. bibi is not a soldier in the true sense of the word.

can you imagine gabbay or lapid confronting Putin/ Don't make us laugh.
7. S-300's will make nice targets.
IAF ,   Tel Nof, IL   (09.25.18)
8. Syrian or Russians
C   (09.24.18)
it is difficult to believe that the syrians acted alone without any russian
it is more likely that the russian air force acted from syrian soil.
9. Netanyahu guilty of thinking Putin is a friend
MadDad ,   Johannesburg   (09.25.18)
Trusting Israels precious security to a 2 faced snake like Putin was bound to end badly & Netanyahu is guilty of being gullible enough to think he had a deal in the bag
Now what Mr Security- you have made a costly mistake that Israel must now pay for
10. Israel must not flinch even for a second in the face of Vlad
11. IF we indeed hid behind Russians: in war, as in war...
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