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World powers to develop mechanisms to continue trade with Iran
Published: 25.09.18, 09:51
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1. What a stunt, the
Alexander Scheiner ,   ZY, Israel   (09.25.18)
EU Foreign Policy chief Mogherini prostituting herself for the clerical mob of ayatollahs. She is kissing their behinds and at the same time kowtowing to them.
2. futile
Cameron   (09.25.18)
Attempting to implement a 'barter system' you say?

Pardon my Yankee laughter.

Trump will indeed punish such frantic squirrel efforts.
3. a system of barrter has not worked since acient times
C   (09.25.18)
let's make it clear. money was invented precisely to replace barter which
prevented the expansion of world economy.
this is especially true for countries that have one or two basic goods.
even in thee case of oil and gas, the other countries which have plentiful
and diverse good, will win.
it is not possible to barter precious metals for oil, if the precious metals
are in much highter demand than oil.
money, on the other hand is fungible and can be used for all material.
hence, the system of barter will always remain inferior to the system
of capital. the ussr tried to use barter, but it led to great scarcities
of good, even food items. learn some economics, and the history
oof economics.
above all, learn that peace and the comity of nations is always
preferable to war and pillage.
4. Old whore Europe peddling her last charms but soon no amount
of lipstick will be able to disguise the prevailing rot of the flesh....
Islam is going to subdue those "relativistic" pseudo-intellectual, oh-la-la dupes!
5. financing Iranian terror.
tiki ,   belgium   (09.25.18)
Europeans will always be on the wrong side of history!
6. Stupid Europeans
Mukesh ,   Delhi   (09.25.18)
When they are done with Israel and India they will attack Europe next. It is stupid to just hand out Iran another Fatimid caliphate. And do not believe their lies. Their national hero Nadir Shah murdered 40 000 Hindus alone so their lie about not attacking anybody for 1000 years is simply taqiya. They invaded all of their neighbours even today.
Ezekiel Haim ,   London   (09.25.18)
Muggerini is the new face of European domination by the EU dictatorship using money to finance Iranian Terror by proxi.Does EUROPE never learn its lessons?
8. Iran got its name from Aryan Germans became the new nazis
9. US should leave NATO if major NATO nations betray on Iran...
Whats the point in having fake allies who work with the biggest terror state on the planet against their own??? Iran is of its own admission the enemy of the Western value system. Working with Russian portrayed by EU as their biggest threat? Britain Germany and France are lost causes it seems time to decide if the rest of the west will follow in their appeasement or not. Time for e.Europe to rise again.

. Unless zarif tweet was correct and they bribed Western nations to sign the deal
10. Unelected leaders of EU openly support terror nations...
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