Iran video threatens missile strikes on Israel, Gulf states
Associated Press
Published: 25.09.18, 14:55
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1. be careful your threats
ganjdian   (09.25.18)
the larijani regime should be careful with its threats. israel can incinerate iran if forced to do so. be careful.
2. Even the threats never happened....
NYNY   (09.25.18)
..all to set-up an attack which will be fake, to justify a real war against Iran.
3. Come and have a go if you think you're hard enough.
4. Huge internal divisons
Tim ,   Brighton   (09.25.18)
On the one hand the trigger happy RG are itching for a fight...but carefully avoiding to advertise that their targets are not military but commercial shipping and commercial aviation across the Arabian Gulf

On the other hand the shrinking band of realists see Trumps overtures as a last ditch saving grace opportunity to reboot relations and the Iranian economy

But who will prevail?

We dont know.....BUT what we do know is the real and growing day by day....anger, resentment, impatience and fearlessness of ordinary Iranians the MAJORITY who now feel the revolution has failed, the economy trashed, the country friendless and isolated, the leadership more remote corrupt and fascist and the future ..absolutey dire
5. At least, they can execute. In Photoshop.
D.   (09.26.18)
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