Hamas on Abbas's speech at UNGA: 'Declaration of failure'
Elior Levy
Published: 28.09.18, 09:02
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1. Decision
Avi L.   (09.28.18)
Israel's government, Bibi Hagadol, should decide between a "falastinian authority" that for mere turf interest keeps genocidal islamists (Hamas co) out of Judea and Samaria (rescue lost Israelis) and some hyenas from the iranian axis.

Nothing else.

Bibi and his followers like to make Israelis still think in terms of "fataland", while the fatah is no more and look macho macho in the process

The various non islamist factions are now no more than "families", clans grouped around their "capo" with turf interests.

Israel should understand that these "families" and our interests coincide regarding islamists.

Various governments made their worst alienating any auxiliary who could have had our same security goals.
2. Abbas wants free concessions before talks.
Sam ,   Montreal   (09.28.18)
Abbas knows there will be no agreement so he always wants free concessions before talks even begin. So, he may be open to talks but it's conditional on freebies. Both Abbas and Hamas will accept the 67 borders + East Jerusalem in return for a short term truce before they renew hostilities with Israel. That or a right of return to finish off Israel. So, the talk of a 2 state solution by Abbas is a fraud.
3. His failure due to be stucked in his lies and absurdety web
Avram Goldsmith ,   Toronto -Kiriat Gat   (09.29.18)
Recentely: Pals forward demand to ICC to incriminate USA to remove their Embassy from Jerusalem, Trump will be vrey " gracefull " for it!!!!
Again to make peace you need a partner , and Abass shows and not empty words that is just a remancence of Terror Organization with affiliates as Hamas and only purpose is elimination pf Israel, which became a game of cat and mouse.
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