US intel official: Netanyahu's UN comments 'somewhat misleading'
Reuters and Ynet
Published: 28.09.18, 10:17
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1. Nethenyahoo the "fairy" storyteller.....
Roy ,   Ct   (09.28.18)
FO ,   Belgium   (09.28.18)
Have you noticed what PM Netanyahu said at about the 35th minute of his speech? Well I quote: "The Nation State of Israel is the only place where the Jewish people proudly exercises our collective right of self-determination. That right was recognized nearly a century ago by the LEAGUE OF NATIONS" Unquote. It is the first time that Bibi Netanyahu, the son of a historian, as he mentioned in his speech, the son of Benzion Netanyahu, the man who with some other people introduced in the Charter of the new born UNITED NATIONS in 1945, Article 80 to preserve and reaffirm all the decisions of the League of Nations, including of course the MANDATE FOR PALESTNE. The Mandate for Palestine voted unanimously by ALL the 51 members of the League, in 1922, gave the Jewish people the IRREVOCABLE RIGHT to settle anywhere on the territory between the Mediterranean Sea and the Jordan River (at least, taking into consideration Article 25 of the Mandate), including the Golan Heights and of course the WHOLE city of Jerusalem, to create their independent Jewish state in formation. A right that became International Law, valid till this very day, thanks to ARTICLE 80 of the UN Charter and the rule of Res Judicata. It is the first time that an Israeli PM mentions the League of Nations, that had to be kept secret, in order not to antagonize the Left who till the knowledge of Hitler's Final Solution, was fiercely opposed to an independent Jewish state.
3. The PM has missed his true vocation
Disillusioned   (09.28.18)
Always the master of the scowling dramatics, he might have been a far better, far more popular actor.

The Iranians are for sure trying to get their bombs, but no less than the meshuganeh messianics in hills trying to bring on armageddon in the hope of messianic redemption.

But, not exactly a grand innovator, poor old Bibi the Wig, has to stick to his tired old Facts on a Board routine. Like all true demagogues and wannabe Kings, he can't even imagine that nobody is listening to him anymore. And nobody in the UN, the USA or anywhere except among his captive electorate of low IQ grassroots serfs, is listening to him anymore.

A truly smart person would know that his heydays are gone and it's time to freshen up the country with some real vision.
4. US intel official must be John Brennan, a known liar
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (09.28.18)
BTW, he is a former official appointment by Obama because he was so incompetent which suited Obama very well in his goal of damaging US.
5. Yawn what a boring show&tell. He needs mo'better graphic fx
6. Anti-semitism
Joe mevorah ,   Lincoln,usa   (09.29.18)
This whole fucking world is anti-Semitic. The idea of a strong Israel is abhorrent to them. They want Jews to be weak and not fight back. That’s not going back to happen. When the time is right Israel, alone, will successfully destroy Iran. As usual they will do it alone, and the rest of the woek
Will continue to hate us.
7. More “anonymous sources” justifying Iran deal that nobody
MadDad ,   Johannesburg   (09.29.18)
wanted and could only be ratified by UNSC under duress from Obama
So know we learn that the negotiating delegates for the USA and EU knew all along the extent the Iranians were lying and where the materials were being stored but chose rather to do nothing other than to give the Iranians the best deal they could imagine
The deal was far worse than I imagined
Well done Trump!!!!
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