IDF releases footage of Hezbollah precision-missile factory
Yoav Zitun
Published: 28.09.18, 15:58
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1. So now we can only watch?
MadDad ,   Johannesburg   (09.28.18)
2. Doesn't sound very good
Ardeth Bey ,   Detroit   (09.28.18)
Netanyahu only says he knows what they're doing and where. As anyone thinking straight knows, that is not going to cut it.
Seemingly, the Prime Minister is saying that's as far as they dare to go now because of the s-300's.
If Israel continues on that path without dealing with Russia's air defenses, it's only a matter of time Iran will seek to carry out what they've been threatening to do all along.
Humanly speaking, Israel is either going to deal with Russia's s-300's or s-400's or higher or cower under their threat and allow Iran to continue on till Israel is destroyed. Why do I sense this really will not be the case!
3. Time for “oops” it was a work accident.
Incredulous   (09.28.18)
4. Lies again
sanel kapetanovic ,   Zenica   (09.28.18)
How many times you will qute Natanyahu's lies....I remeber his statement about Iraq before Bush invade it..."there is no question Sadam has WMD"...For god sake He never told true...nor any Israel leader...why not Israel open hos nuclear sites to IEAE...stip lieing...stop ethnic purge in Palestine...witharaw to your legal borders..leave Syrian teritory...sto being apartheid and world would support you only than
5. Obama gave the money to Iran; Iran gives weapons to Hezbolla
C   (09.28.18)
genocidal shia terror regime has never had a better friend than obama.
6. And you won't dare
TheObserver ,   Ocosingo   (09.29.18)
Israel used to roam and bomb freely all over the middle East. Now, you won't dare touch your tiny little neighbor to the north; you can only whine. What irony.
Do you now see who really won the 2006 war?
7. Located so that the seconday explosion will cause a mass
MadDad ,   Johannesburg   (09.29.18)
casualty event
Iran cares about the local population as gun fodder counting on Israel getting the blame
8. time for action: bomb iran.
9. and bomb hizballah too.
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