Shin Bet opens up about border interrogations, detentions
Tova Tzimuki
Published: 29.09.18, 21:47
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1. It is important
that Shin Bet remains what it is - a security service, not a "thought police". Israelis put a lot of faith into their security services, but they should know, how dangerous it is, when a secret service becomes too powerful or too self-confident. Be strict, be strong, be firm - but obey the law, because the rule of law is, what makes Israel different from its enemies.
2. Binart spreads lies about Israel props up terrorists
He lies about whats going on on the ground and while denying centuries of Arab/Muslim oppression of Jews, blames terrorism on Israels existence and denies Jewish private rights..
3. I tried to join Shin Bet
But I only got to Aleph Bet !
4. fascists, communists, supporters of dictatorships
C   (09.30.18)
will not be questioned at the border.

the shin bet will have to prove before arrival at the border that an individual
is a spy or a terrorist.

we can thank the high court of justice for misinterpreting international
law which does not require sovereign states to let anyone enter
their territory.
5. Beinart&family were kicked out of SA,their playing "Good Bwa
ab   (09.30.18)
nas" didn't pay off as well as they expected,so they try to compensate by bad-mouthing Israel and being paid for it by "progressives"
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